The Reunion (2016)

(Hachette Books Ireland, 2016, also published by Hachette Books Australia)

Reunion coverMy thirteenth. The idea for this book came  from a conversation I had with a parent of a former pupil from my teaching days. I was attending the silver anniversary of the last school I’d taught in, and I’d spent the evening chatting with people from the past, many of whom were unrecognisable –  simply because the last time I’d seen them they were young children! ‘Wouldn’t this be a good theme for a book?’ the parent in question asked, and immediately I saw the potential – and in due course, along came The Reunion.

In brief: Sisters Caroline and Eleanor Plunkett each receive an invitation to the twenty year reunion of their secondary school leaving cert class. For different reasons, both sisters decide not to attend: that particular year held no happy memories for either of them, and their lives since then have gone in very different directions to the ones they’d imagined they’d be living. But in the six weeks leading up to the reunion, events conspire to change their minds….

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