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New baby on the way….


Hello to all – just checking in, a while since I wrote. The good news is that the next book, The Anniversary, is taking shape; I’m about two thirds of the way through the first draft so there’s still a long way to go but it’s heading in the right direction. Still not sure where everyone is going to end up, but I’m trusting that they’ll let me know at some stage! I’ll soon be seeing a cover, always a scary prospect…..hopefully I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when I see it! And of course I’ll share it here as soon as I’m allowed. The Anniversary is due on the shelves next May or June, all going well. Hard to believe it’s number 15 – where do the years go? I do hope anyone who was kind enough to read The Street Where You Live enjoyed it.


In other news I’ve been laid low since April with some muscle condition – doctors are still scratching their heads to give me a diagnosis but I’m on steroids so hopefully it’ll go as quickly as it came. I’m stiff and sore all over – I suspect I need my dose of miracle drugs upped – but I’m able to write, thankfully. The mixed bag of an Irish summer was a little disappointing but I’m off to say hello to the Spanish sun for a week soon, and  I intend to do serious battery recharging as I lie on the beach and lap up the vitamin D, or pretend I know how to swim in the sea!

Hope all had a good summer (or winter, if you’re from Down Under). Till next time, take care and mind yourselves,

Roisin xx

In the summertime when the weather is fine…


…and what do you know? It’s been pretty fine in Ireland for the past few weeks. Now when I say pretty fine you must bear in mind, if you live outside Ireland, that our standards are quite low when it comes to judging the weather. For us, a day in summer that’s tolerably mild and rain-free is a pretty damn good one – and lately it seems to me that we’ve been seeing a fairly respectable proportion of days with blue skies (blue skies!!!) and bursts of sunshine (!!!) and temperatures for the most part have been a little better (and occasionally a lot better) than we’ve come to expect in June. So hopes are high – well, mine are anyway – that the Irish summer of 2014 will deliver the goods and turn out not too bad at all. Fingers tightly crossed – because I’ve already had my ration of overseas sun (Lanzarote a few weeks ago) and now I’m tethered to Ireland till September (another little trip planned then – shhhh!)

Weather apart, life has been busy. Both parents, mid-eighties, have had health problems over the past several weeks. Thankfully, nothing too life-threatening, but worrying enough to have me tossing and turning at night even more than usual (if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that I occasionally enjoy a good night’s sleep, in between other nights of counting sheep and thinking up the next bit of the current plot). But thankfully things are looking a little more hopeful now, and life is returning to something closely resembling normal. Now that I’m no longer needed on a daily basis in Limerick I’ve migrated to my mobile home in County Clare and am currently putting a shape on book number eleven, due for publication in February 2015. Sneaky preview: story is set over two days in April, four weeks apart, and the voices that tell it are five female ones. It’s a tricky one to write – a challenge to keep the pace up when there’s so little time to play with – but one I’m enjoying. Let’s see how it turns out.

In other news, did you see my last post about my fraught relationship with running? If you missed it, scroll down and have a read, I’ll wait…………well, I’m currently psyching myself up to have another go, what with the good weather and all, and meeting a few running-friendly writers at Hachette’s recent summer party who fired up my enthusiasm. I’m going back to Limerick tomorrow to dust down my running gear and bring it back here – and off I’ll sally again. Wish me luck. I’ll try and be honest about how successful (???) I am this time. I’m on the coast here, so running along the side of the Atlantic will be inspiring, right? All that gorgeous salty sea air….watch this space. I’m also doing a little Pilates in the mornings to counteract the sitting-around-writing-all-day business. I try, I do try.

Another writing bit of info – I’m thinking of sneaking back to Roone again. Yes, this would be the third time, and my first trilogy. Gosh. The thing about Roone is it just won’t go out of my head. Every so often I find myself back there, wondering how everyone is doing. I may have to hop on the ferry and pay another visit…..Hachette wants a Christmas 2015 book – what do you think? Christmas on Roone? The other two have been set in the middle of summer; might be interesting to see what it’s like in mid-December. All I need is someone running a B&B there who decides to offer a Christmas and New Year break……..hmm.

Happy sunshine, wherever you are – and even if it’s not sunny, I hope you have some in your heart. And thank you so much for the continued lovely messages I receive from satisfied readers on a daily basis. They make my day, they really do, and I am truly grateful.

Roisin xxx

Ta dah!

ImageWell, here we are – the cover of my next offering, sitting patiently in some quiet corner till April 2014. Have to say I do likee very much – not too pink at all (right?) and lovely contrast between the colours (yes???) And just to clarify, the wedding in question is NOT the one that featured in One Summer. So there. But we will be getting the ferry back to Roone, and it’s summer again so pack your suncream and swimsuit, and a good book. Oh, hang on……………..

In other news, I’ve all but finished the book that comes next. I know, I know, it sounds like I’m churning them out, but I’m not really – I’ve been working on this one for about four months now, and it’s quite a bit shorter than the others, only about two thirds as long. But I’m quietly pleased with how it’s turning out, and will be dying to see who I can get to a) read it and b) publish it. Watch this space.

In the meantime, Christmas is speeding towards us. Have I mentioned the five – yes, FIVE – cakes I baked this year? Two have been iced and sent off to their respective homes, the other three are awaiting icing. And my tree is up, a little fake one with flashy lights. Cat doesn’t know what to make of it. And I have a little crib, and a few Christmassy candle holders and the like. Oh, and I saw these cute little snowman-shaped salt and pepper cellars in a shop that just had to be bought. And a red tablecloth. And I’m on the hunt for extra kitchen chairs so I can seat my seven (maybe eight) guests on the 25th. All go.

And now it’s dinnertime and the hunger is on me, so I’ll sign off. Will be back before Christmas to wish you all a good one, hopefully having got to The End in the next bestseller.

Roisin xxx

Summer, and writing

Image Well, it’s been a while. What can I say that won’t sound like an excuse for neglecting my blog? Probably best if I come clean and tell the truth…..(deep breath)….I forgot. My non-existent memory acted true to form and didn’t bother reminding me that I hadn’t blogged for ages. Should put a reminder in the phone, I suppose. Must try and remember to do that.

Actually, I’ve been quite busy. First there was the week in Lanzarote at the beginning of May. That went well, usual blue skies and sunshine, conveniently located close to a sandy beach. I lizarded for much of the time (well protected, I can assure you) and it was pure bliss. People who don’t live in Ireland may not appreciate the utter joy it is for us to wake up to guaranteed sunshine each morning, to gaze up and see blue skies above us as we go through the day, to stretch out in bed at night, secure in the knowledge that the sun will be back in the morning. It’s a phenomenon we’re willing to pay big money for, which is why we’re so broke right now.

On the books front, I’m two thirds of the way through the sequel to One Summer. I’m heading off to a writer’s and artist’s residency tomorrow for a week of uninterrupted writing – well, the writing will be briefly interrupted by the stupendously wonderful and calorie-laden dinner which will be served up to me each evening. I will return home tomorrow week with a new half stone (eight pounds) to shift, and I will achieve this with a three day juice regime every week for as many weeks as it takes, accompanied by long brisk daily walks. Can’t wait. No, really.

I’ve also been visiting various schools and libraries, talking to children and their parents about the joys of reading/books/writing. I love escaping from the laptop for a few hours, and it’s a bonus if I’m meeting a group of youngsters. The only thing I miss about my teaching job is the company of little folk; their innocence and charm is heartwarming.

And from next month on, I will be relocating to my mobile home in County Clare to spend what we laughingly call the summer over here. I will complete the first draft of my sequel and each day when I’ve finished my writing quota I will ignore the rain and walk the roads and swim in the sea and drink Guinness when it presents itself.

Happy summer, wherever you are (unless you’re in the other hemisphere, in which case, hang in there: summer will be back before you know it.)

Roisin xx

Busy as a March Hare

daffsCan you believe it’s March? I can’t. January feels like last week. Time is skidding by.

So what have I been doing? Well, up to about a fortnight ago I was tweaking the skirts and shining the shoes of Something in Common before waving it off to the printers with a big lump in my throat (hate letting the babies go). I heard the other day that proof copies should be happening by the middle of the month. Can’t wait. I have a lovely parcel delivery man who says I’m his cheeriest customer. Of course I am – he brings my babies back, all dickied up with brand new covers. (By the way, there’s a fun marketing event in the planning for the launch of Something in Common – watch this space, particularly if you live in Dublin.)

And since there is no rest for the wicked writer, the sequel to One Summer is well underway – 20,000 word mark passed the other day. Plot not fully sorted – I’m going to try letting this one do a bit of growing all by itself, so we’ll see how that goes. Great to be revisiting the island of Roone and catching up with all my pals there.

This week I won’t get much writing done though – on Tuesday I’ll be paying a visit to a local school to chat to classes about the readathon they’re currently running to raise funds for their new gym – they’re getting sponsorship for each book they read, and they also earn skipping ropes to use in the gym. How clever is that? On Wednesday I’m travelling to Tralee in County Kerry to meet second year girls and talk books with them as part of their arts festival.  On Thursday, which is World Book Day in Ireland, I’ll be flitting around Limerick city leaving books in various locations – park benches, hotel lobbies, cafes, window sills – for people to pick up and bring home. I had a box of author copies of my US publications, and I thought it might be a good way to spread them around. Keep an eye out if you’re a Limerick native. And on Friday I’ve been honoured by an invitation to officially open the library in my old primary school –  is that not wonderful?

And on a non-book related matter, I’m about halfway through my lenten fast. I’ve given up chocolate, wine, desserts, crisps – basically, anything that constitutes a treat, until Easter. Ostensibly it’s to atone for my many, many sins (!!!) but I figure it might also do some good in the area of achieving my perfect beach body in time for a flit to the sun in May. We can only hope.

Happy spring, wherever you are.

Roisin xx