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New Year, New Book!

happy new year_0Happy New Year to all, hope 2013 brings all you hope for and more. I’m a happy bunny today – just sent off the final version (I think) of Something in Common, my next Irish publication, due out in April or May, AND my editor Ciara let me have a first peek at the cover she’s proposing for it, and I really like it. I’ll flash it when I’m allowed – she’s checking that they’ve got clearance on it or something, so watch this space!
Next up is a few days of non-writing, to give my brain a chance to catch its breath, and to give me a chance to clean my house, which is well overdue. Tomorrow I’ll be arming myself with vacuum cleaner, feather duster, polish, mop and bucket, in an effort to become a domestic goddess….never happen! But hopefully it’ll look slightly less disgraceful by the end of the day… And when I sit down at the laptop again it’ll be to begin my next book, which looks like being a sequel to One Summer, my last publication. I loved writing that one so much, and so many people asked if I was going to do a follow-up, that I really think it needs to be done. I’m looking forward to revisiting Roone, my make-believe island, and meeting all my friends again!
I’ve said this before but I think it bears repeating – thank you so much to all who have left messages in my guestbook or contacted me privately to tell me you enjoyed one of my books. It really means so much to get a message like that, and I’ve got some lovely ones over the past week or so. Thanks a million for taking the time, it’s REALLY appreciated.
Well, better get an early night in preparation for my day of house-cleaning – groan!
Roisin xx

Second draft…..grrrroan……

worker.thumbnailAh no, I don’t really mean it – crafting the second draft is fine, the hardest part is already done, and what I need to do now is develop areas that need developing, fine tune character traits, tighten up plotlines, polish dialogue, take out unnecessary description….come to think of it, a second draft isn’t that easy at all! But it’s all part of the wonderful process of creating a new book, and I love it. Title-wise, I think it’s sorted – how does ‘Something in Common’ sound? Briefly, it concerns an unusual friendship between two women – that’s really all I want to say at this stage, in case I’m accused of spoiling anything later!
In non-writing news, I’ve been having my house renovated – well, phase two of a process that began earlier in the year – so things have been a little unsettled. In fact, I spent most of October living with my lovely parents, who thankfully still allow us kids to crash there when the need arises!
And of course Christmas is coming….not a thing done to prepare, and I have five (yes I said five) cakes to bake this year for various relatives and friends; have earmarked this coming weekend to make them, so hopefully that will happen. Then it’s just a matter of buying presents, decorating the house, hosting the usual little get-togethers – can’t wait! And I’ve just realised that today is Thanksgiving, so a very happy one to all my friends across the Atlantic…
Roisin xx


isle of man.thumbnailGood news – handed over first draft of my new book last week, big phew after months of work. Waiting now to hear what my editor thinks of it – fingers crossed everyone! All going well, it’ll hit the shelves next spring (title under negotiation – I’ll give it out when it’s been decided) so between this and then I’ll be editing and fine tuning it, and of course making a start on the next fairly soon too. No rest for the wicked writer!

Spent the weekend on the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea (the image is their flag). They were celebrating their first ever literary festival, and I was lucky enough to be invited to take part. It was a great experience, lots of writers, journalists, poets, publishers and agents from Britain and further afield. There were four of us who travelled from Ireland, and we were made very welcome. We’ll be back, whether they want us or not!
Very autumnal weather here in Ireland right now – my neighbour’s trees are shedding leaves merrily into my garden! I love autumn, like I love all the Irish seasons (well, maybe I’m not that mad about our ‘summer’!)
Roisin xx


Olympic Gold For Ireland

katie taylor.thumbnailOops, just realised it’s been a while since I wrote; am I allowed to blame pressure of enjoying myself – I mean work??? I HAVE been busy, honest! In between a trip to Italy and a few weekends in County Clare, I’ve been working on my next book – working title Helen and Sarah – and I’d say I’m on the final third now. Briefly, it concerns two women who meet in dramatic circumstances, and whose lives collide again a few years later…Better not say any more, or none of you will buy it when it comes out next May!

But in MUCH more exciting news (not that it’s news, everyone knows!) we won our first Olympic 2012 gold medal yesterday when 26 year old boxer Katie Taylor defeated her Russian opponent! The country literally went wild when it happened, and we’re still smiling, a day later! Hopefully we’ll get a few more silvers and golds today when three more (male) boxers take to the ring – fingers crossed! And the sun is shining in Ireland at the moment, which is another reason to smile!
Right, back to sunbathing – I mean work, I said work!
Roisin xx