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Off We Go Again…

writingWell, it’s begun – my sequel to One Summer is underway. I’ve sketched a plot and now I’m plunging into the story. It’s more than a little daunting starting off, knowing you’re about 100,000 words away from your goal! But with each day you get that little bit closer…I usually aim to write between 2,000 and 3,000 words a day, but it takes a while to get into the stride with a new book, so it’s normally much less than that for the first week or so, while I’m still grappling with the plot and establishing the storylines. Of course I’m hoping the fact that this is a sequel will make it easier – surely knowing most of my characters has to make a difference? I’ll live in hope!
In other news, I’ve been told by my editor that the publication date for Something in Common is May 1, which seems very auspicious to me – first day of summer for a new book just feels right! Fingers crossed that it does well; it’s always a bit nerve-wracking setting another of my babies off on its journey, putting it out there for everyone to see and judge – wak! Be kind, everyone!
Roisin xx
PS Still awaiting permission to show the cover of Something in Common, haven’t forgotten!