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All the leaves are brown…..


…well, not quite – but there’s been a distinctly autumnal vibe happening here over the past few days. BIt chillier, bit damper, bit greyer. And August not even finished yet: can summer 2014 be gone so soon? Seems to have lasted about as long as it would take to put a halfway decent dinner on the table. Of course I’m in denial, have no notion of lighting a fire or turning on the heating, at least until my calendar says September. Brrrr though.

On the writing front, the end is in sight for Two Fridays in April: another week or so till draft one is done, and then it’s back to page one to tidy it all up, another few weeks. No sign of a cover yet from Hachette, but should be coming soon. I figure by the middle of October I’ll be able to put the feet up for a week or two. Coincidentally, I’m going to Rome around then for a few days – nice. I love Rome, all those incredible paintings, sculptures, fountains, ruins. Not to mention the delectable pizzas, and the magnificent piazzas.


So the mobile home in County Clare has been packed up for another year, apart from a few one-night stays I’m planning in September, for walks and blackberry-picking and suchlike. I do miss the lovely view when I’m back home – the mostly dignified goings-on of the five cattle that spend the summer months in the field beyond the patio; the sparrows and blue tits and robins ducking and diving all day in the blackberry bushes that tumble over the patio wall; the vivid orange-red splashes of Montbretia growing wild on each side of the road that snakes down to the sea; and of course the Atlantic, a wide ribbon of it cutting into Liscannor Bay, a different colour every time you look at it. Wonderful.


But of course autumn brings compensations for taking summer away – crisp morning and evening air putting roses in cheeks, bowls of creamy soup in front of roaring fires, apple crumbles and spicy casseroles and mugs of hot chocolate. Great, now I’m starving. Excuse me while I raid the fridge. Oh, and autumn means a return to my Pilates and yoga classes, so yes, I’m allowed to raid the fridge (within reason).

Nom nom. Happy autumn to you. xx