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Paperback! (Small is Beautiful)

Hello everyone – I promise I’m not going to mention the DIRE phenomenon that is the Irish summer of 2015. Nope, not a word about the grey skies, daily torrential outpourings and typhoon-like gales, and virtually complete absence of sun. (Deep sigh.) Instead, I shall direct your attention to a much happier topic – the arrival yesterday of my box of advance copies of the wonderful thing that is the paperback version of Two Fridays in April! And here they are in all their beauteous glory:

beuksThe eagle-eyed readers among you may notice that while the cover hasn’t changed in essence from the trade paperback incarnation which appeared in March, it’s been given a pinkish hue, just to ring the changes a little I suppose. Will be heading into the local bookshops tomorrow to sign whatever copies I might find there…..and in September I shall be taking a trip across the border into Northern Ireland to spread the news about the books in libraries in Belfast and Carrickfergus – more details closer to the time. I was delighted to be invited there, as it’ll be my first time ever in both places, and the fact that I’m going in my capacity as a writer makes it doubly special. Looking forward to meeting a whole new gang of readers! I’ll be coming home via Donegal – specifically Letterkenny – where I’ll do another library visit and I’ll also meet up with a class of Transition Year girls to chat with them about all things bookish – will be a lovely trip all told (although I’ll probably be heartily sick of driving at the end of it………….)

simpsonsWhat other news? I’ve handed in my second draft of the upcoming book, the third in the Roone series, whose title I am at last allowed to reveal……drum roll…….I’ll be Home for Christmas. Hope you like it. I do – although every time I opened the manuscript to work on it, and I caught sight of the title, I started to hum the song, and now I’m rather allergic to it. The song, not the book. I’m quietly pleased with the book. Hope you will be too, in the fullness of time. Should be published around mid October, but I’ll give a more definite date as soon as I know. Should be seeing a cover for it soon, dying to see what they come up with – and I will of course flash it here as soon as I get the green light.

Right, I think that’s quite enough news for one blog post. Now to get back to enjoying the Irish summer…….

weatherWhat? I said I wouldn’t TALK about it.

Roisin xx

The Home Stretch


Oh boy, sorry for the long silence – didn’t realise how long it had been until I checked the date of the last entry. In my defence I’ve been working on the edits for the Roone Christmas book (nearly there, another week or so) and I’ve also squeezed in a sneaky week-long break to the sun. Temperatures were in the mid-thirties – phew! Although I hate to complain about the heat, since we’re usually so starved of it in Ireland, I did feel a bit wilty now and again! There was a swimming pool in the complex where I was staying, and a beach within walking distance, but both were too warm to be truly refreshing – I’m used to the chilly Atlantic when I swim, and unless I GASP with the cold getting in, it doesn’t feel like a proper dip! Pity about me. Anyway, I’m home now and back to work, and it’s nearly there. Haven’t got a publication date yet but I do have one for the paperback version of Two Fridays in April, which has this lovely pinky version of the bigger size cover, and which will hit shelves in or around August 6 (do let me know if you spot it in your local bookshop): paperbackAnd now I must get back to the edits – my dear old mother was 87 on Wednesday and we’re all heading out to dinner this evening, so I need to get my page quota done before that. Hope you’re all having a lovely summer (or winter) and hope you get an occasional look at the sun, at least! Take care, Roisin xx

Words, words, words.

sicI have written 48,908 words of a new book. Every now and again, usually when I’m lying in bed, I wonder if they’re any good. I presume all writers experience self-doubt from time to time – at least, I hope they do! The new book is quite different from anything that’s gone before it. It’s darker and edgier and grittier – I think it is anyway. I hope it is. I’m hoping I can pull it off. It’s going to be shorter than the other books too – I’d say it’ll come to a natural end in another 10,000 words or so, so it’ll be more of a novella than a novel. I have no publishing deal for it: this is something I decided to try as a kind of sideways step from my usual publisher commitments, so I’m just hoping someone wants it when it’s finished. And just to give you an idea of what it’s about – it’s set in the aftermath of a murder, two years afterwards, and it’s located in a small rural community in Ireland, where everyone knows everyone else. There are six main characters, drawn predominantly from two local families, the family of the murdered person and the family of the person who was convicted of the murder, and the book will span just six days, beginning on a Monday and ending on the following Saturday. Now that’s enough to keep you going – fingers crossed that it will see the light of day sometime!

In other news, the sequel to One Summer has officially been named: say hello to After the Wedding. The cover has been chosen too, but I must check with my editor before I show it here – not sure if it’s been finalised yet, and she may not want me flashing it around quite yet. I like it, though, it’s very fresh and colourful – and not too pink at all! I’ll put it up here as soon as I get the go-ahead. Must find out when publication is too, not sure when exactly it’s going to hit the shelves but it’ll be sometime in the spring. Will keep you all posted. Otherwise I’m doing a bit of school visiting to talk to the children about what it’s like to be a writer, and to answer their questions (How much money do you get? Do you know any famous writers? Will you put us into your next book? etc!) I love these visits – it’s great to get a break from writing, and of course I have a soft spot for little people. I visited a playschool last week to tell some stories, and the children were so sweet, all wanting to give me hugs and kisses! And of course I have my regular storytelling at my local library, first Saturday of each month, another lovely break from the laptop.

And just in case you’re wondering about the picture I’ve chosen for this post, it’s the box of books I got when Something in Common hit the shelves as a paperback at the beginning of the month. I’ve had no sales reports yet, but it’s been spotted all over the place – I have my spies everywhere! – and I’ve seen it myself in lovely top shelf positions in Dunnes and Tesco. Fingers crossed!

So I’d better get back to work, hoping to get first draft of the new book done by Christmas. Hope you’re all looking forward to the holiday. I’ll be cooking the turkey for seven this year, God help them all!

Take care,

Roisin xx