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Brand new look! (and brand new cover)

small sicIs my new website not lovely? Put together by the brilliant Annette Thomson of in three shakes of a lamb’s tail – well, maybe slightly more than that, but VERY fast. I’m so clueless when it comes to anything technological – I’m using precisely 2% of my mobile phone’s whatsits and thingummyjigs – that anyone who can make things like websites gets my big respect. Thanks Nettie, much appreciated.

In other news, that there’s the cover for Something in Common on the left – what do you think? I have to say I LOVE IT! It’s actually the first time I’ve loved a cover from the minute I saw it, all the others had to grow on me.So I’m well pleased with this – hope you agree that it’s luverley.

And more news – I’ve made a start on the sequel to One Summer, and so far so good (she said crossing fingers tightly). It was so great to meet all my old pals on Roone – apart from one, who sadly is no longer with us since the last book (no, not him – someone else). And the excitement is growing as publication date approaches for Something in Common; well, not exactly approaches, it’s still two  and a half months away, but I’ve pretty much finished with it, apart from checking it over when it comes back from the copy-editor and again from the proofreader. Saying goodbye to a book is always bittersweet for me, getting as ridiculously attached to my characters as I always do – what am I like!

Well, One Summer part two, or whatever it ends up being called, ain’t gonna write itself, so I’d better toddle off and get on with it. Be good!

Roisin xx