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Summer, and writing

Image Well, it’s been a while. What can I say that won’t sound like an excuse for neglecting my blog? Probably best if I come clean and tell the truth…..(deep breath)….I forgot. My non-existent memory acted true to form and didn’t bother reminding me that I hadn’t blogged for ages. Should put a reminder in the phone, I suppose. Must try and remember to do that.

Actually, I’ve been quite busy. First there was the week in Lanzarote at the beginning of May. That went well, usual blue skies and sunshine, conveniently located close to a sandy beach. I lizarded for much of the time (well protected, I can assure you) and it was pure bliss. People who don’t live in Ireland may not appreciate the utter joy it is for us to wake up to guaranteed sunshine each morning, to gaze up and see blue skies above us as we go through the day, to stretch out in bed at night, secure in the knowledge that the sun will be back in the morning. It’s a phenomenon we’re willing to pay big money for, which is why we’re so broke right now.

On the books front, I’m two thirds of the way through the sequel to One Summer. I’m heading off to a writer’s and artist’s residency tomorrow for a week of uninterrupted writing – well, the writing will be briefly interrupted by the stupendously wonderful and calorie-laden dinner which will be served up to me each evening. I will return home tomorrow week with a new half stone (eight pounds) to shift, and I will achieve this with a three day juice regime every week for as many weeks as it takes, accompanied by long brisk daily walks. Can’t wait. No, really.

I’ve also been visiting various schools and libraries, talking to children and their parents about the joys of reading/books/writing. I love escaping from the laptop for a few hours, and it’s a bonus if I’m meeting a group of youngsters. The only thing I miss about my teaching job is the company of little folk; their innocence and charm is heartwarming.

And from next month on, I will be relocating to my mobile home in County Clare to spend what we laughingly call the summer over here. I will complete the first draft of my sequel and each day when I’ve finished my writing quota I will ignore the rain and walk the roads and swim in the sea and drink Guinness when it presents itself.

Happy summer, wherever you are (unless you’re in the other hemisphere, in which case, hang in there: summer will be back before you know it.)

Roisin xx