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In the summertime when the weather is fine…


…and what do you know? It’s been pretty fine in Ireland for the past few weeks. Now when I say pretty fine you must bear in mind, if you live outside Ireland, that our standards are quite low when it comes to judging the weather. For us, a day in summer that’s tolerably mild and rain-free is a pretty damn good one – and lately it seems to me that we’ve been seeing a fairly respectable proportion of days with blue skies (blue skies!!!) and bursts of sunshine (!!!) and temperatures for the most part have been a little better (and occasionally a lot better) than we’ve come to expect in June. So hopes are high – well, mine are anyway – that the Irish summer of 2014 will deliver the goods and turn out not too bad at all. Fingers tightly crossed – because I’ve already had my ration of overseas sun (Lanzarote a few weeks ago) and now I’m tethered to Ireland till September (another little trip planned then – shhhh!)

Weather apart, life has been busy. Both parents, mid-eighties, have had health problems over the past several weeks. Thankfully, nothing too life-threatening, but worrying enough to have me tossing and turning at night even more than usual (if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that I occasionally enjoy a good night’s sleep, in between other nights of counting sheep and thinking up the next bit of the current plot). But thankfully things are looking a little more hopeful now, and life is returning to something closely resembling normal. Now that I’m no longer needed on a daily basis in Limerick I’ve migrated to my mobile home in County Clare and am currently putting a shape on book number eleven, due for publication in February 2015. Sneaky preview: story is set over two days in April, four weeks apart, and the voices that tell it are five female ones. It’s a tricky one to write – a challenge to keep the pace up when there’s so little time to play with – but one I’m enjoying. Let’s see how it turns out.

In other news, did you see my last post about my fraught relationship with running? If you missed it, scroll down and have a read, I’ll wait…………well, I’m currently psyching myself up to have another go, what with the good weather and all, and meeting a few running-friendly writers at Hachette’s recent summer party who fired up my enthusiasm. I’m going back to Limerick tomorrow to dust down my running gear and bring it back here – and off I’ll sally again. Wish me luck. I’ll try and be honest about how successful (???) I am this time. I’m on the coast here, so running along the side of the Atlantic will be inspiring, right? All that gorgeous salty sea air….watch this space. I’m also doing a little Pilates in the mornings to counteract the sitting-around-writing-all-day business. I try, I do try.

Another writing bit of info – I’m thinking of sneaking back to Roone again. Yes, this would be the third time, and my first trilogy. Gosh. The thing about Roone is it just won’t go out of my head. Every so often I find myself back there, wondering how everyone is doing. I may have to hop on the ferry and pay another visit…..Hachette wants a Christmas 2015 book – what do you think? Christmas on Roone? The other two have been set in the middle of summer; might be interesting to see what it’s like in mid-December. All I need is someone running a B&B there who decides to offer a Christmas and New Year break……..hmm.

Happy sunshine, wherever you are – and even if it’s not sunny, I hope you have some in your heart. And thank you so much for the continued lovely messages I receive from satisfied readers on a daily basis. They make my day, they really do, and I am truly grateful.

Roisin xxx

Baby’s fledged

ImageWell, it’s out there – as of a few days ago Something in Common is sitting on a bookshop shelf near you, waiting to see what everyone thinks of it. Very scary time, always on tenterhooks until I get a feel of the reaction – and thankfully the comments from readers of review copies have been good so far. Will be keeping an eye on the bestseller list over the next few weeks…fingers crossed, everyone!

In other news, work is progressing nicely on my sequel to One Summer, which I’m calling Another Summer for the moment, but that may not stick. Have to say it took me a while to get my teeth into it – in my innocence, I imagined a sequel would be less work than a new one, as all the characters are there….not so. I realise now that the hard work is in finding something new and interesting to say about them! Hopefully I’ll pull it off.

Going on holidays today, heading to Lanzarote for a week of lying in the sun, if it’s there…someone on Twitter came home from there yesterday and weather reports were a little off-putting to say the least…bringing the laptop so it won’t be all rest and no work – need to keep the momentum going with the book so I’ll be putting in a few hours each day. Will try and time it so I’m writing when the clouds are out!

Pic is of one of my dwarf apple trees covered in blossom. Love this time of year, when even the gardens of mediocre gardeners (me) look smashing. Everything budding and greening up, perennials reappearing, shrubs growing steadily. The other day my little toddler nephew helped me to plant flower seeds – and when I say helped, I’m using BIG artistic licence – picture seeds being flung willy-nilly! So we’ll be keeping an eye on them over the next few weeks – hopefully about half of them landed roughly where they were supposed to! Of course they’re still in danger from my cat when she’s out and about and looking for a suitable spot to spend a penny…poor things, talk about odds being stacked against them…

Have a happy May, wherever you are. Hope the sun shines at least some of the time. Do let me know if you read Something in Common, I’m dying to hear what you think of it.

Roisin xxx