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So 2014, so good…

ImageWell, I do hope you’re all enjoying 2014 so far. I’ve had a busy few weeks since I hung the new calendar in the kitchen. First, I signed up for a fresh term of Pilates classes, just an hour once a week but I tell myself it’s better than no hours, right? Then a few days later, a leaflet came through the letter-box advertising Bikram yoga classes in a studio on the other side of town. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Bikram yoga is practised in near-sauna conditions: within about 5 minutes of the class you’re absolutely ROASTING, and there are 90 minutes in every class! I’d taken a few Bikram classes back in 2001 when I was living in San Francisco (where I’d gone for a year to write The Daisy Picker – happy days) and I decided to give it another go, so I signed up for a 30 day membership. So far I’ve gone to 4 classes, and boy are they tough: i crawl out of the place afterwards. I suspect I won’t be renewing this particular membership when the 30 days are up…..I’ve also registered to run a half marathon in May, despite the fact that I haven’t run since before Christmas….help! I’m planning to launch into a training programme on Feb 1 – fingers crossed I’ll summon up the willpower from somewhere!

On the writing front, I’ve just submitted a new book to a few places, and I’m waiting for the various reactions – watch this space. I’ve also written a short story set in Kenya for an e-book of travel-themed stories. The book is the second in the Sunloungers series that started last year,  and like the first it’s a collection of stories by different authors, each story set in a different holiday location. Here’s some info on the first collection, in case you’re looking for holiday reading before the second comes out in June: And I’ll shortly be starting a new novel, casting about at the moment for a suitable theme. Feel free to give a shout with your suggestions – what would you like to read about?

And my big news – I’m spending the entire month of March in Italy, by the sea! I just decided on impulse (most of my decisions are impulsive, some wiser than others) to pack up the laptop and relocate someplace beautiful for a month. I’m bringing the laptop, of course – it’ll be a working holiday, but I’ll be making the most of being in one of my favourite countries, and making time to get out and about in the (hopefully) better weather. I’ve also begun learning the language, so if I do my homework between this and then I should be able (just about) to make myself understood with the locals. Can’t wait! And maybe there’ll be a story set in Italy sometime…..

Happy 2014!

Roisin xx

Tis the season to be jolly…..

ImageOn the Eve of Christmas I would like to thank you all so much for your kind support throughout the year, it is greatly appreciated as I tap away on the keyboard, hoping to God something decent comes out!

I wish you peace, harmony and plenty of laughs over the festive season, and let’s hope we all enjoy health and happiness in 2014 and beyond.

Roisin xxxx

New Year, New Book!

happy new year_0Happy New Year to all, hope 2013 brings all you hope for and more. I’m a happy bunny today – just sent off the final version (I think) of Something in Common, my next Irish publication, due out in April or May, AND my editor Ciara let me have a first peek at the cover she’s proposing for it, and I really like it. I’ll flash it when I’m allowed – she’s checking that they’ve got clearance on it or something, so watch this space!
Next up is a few days of non-writing, to give my brain a chance to catch its breath, and to give me a chance to clean my house, which is well overdue. Tomorrow I’ll be arming myself with vacuum cleaner, feather duster, polish, mop and bucket, in an effort to become a domestic goddess….never happen! But hopefully it’ll look slightly less disgraceful by the end of the day… And when I sit down at the laptop again it’ll be to begin my next book, which looks like being a sequel to One Summer, my last publication. I loved writing that one so much, and so many people asked if I was going to do a follow-up, that I really think it needs to be done. I’m looking forward to revisiting Roone, my make-believe island, and meeting all my friends again!
I’ve said this before but I think it bears repeating – thank you so much to all who have left messages in my guestbook or contacted me privately to tell me you enjoyed one of my books. It really means so much to get a message like that, and I’ve got some lovely ones over the past week or so. Thanks a million for taking the time, it’s REALLY appreciated.
Well, better get an early night in preparation for my day of house-cleaning – groan!
Roisin xx