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Busy, Busy

schull_town03Hello everyone
Hope you’re all well and happy as we head into another Irish winter – not that you’d think it, with the weather so amazingly mild and dry lately. I’ve just got back from a week in my home county of Kerry, where I visited no less than eight libraries to talk to local schoolchildren about books and reading and stories and all things literary. It was part of Children’s Book Festival which happens every October in libraries throughout the country, with the aim of promoting books to the youngsters by having them interact with writers and poets and illustrators and just anyone connected with the literary world. I love these events as they get me out and about, and back in touch with little people (since I gave up teaching I miss my little people) but I’ve got a bit behind in the writing schedule so tomorrow it’s head down and back to work.
And speaking of work, Something in Common is due out in paperback on November 1, so if you were waiting for the smaller (and cheaper) size, you don’t have long to wait. Cover is virtually the same as the big one (which I loved) just a little tweaked: Something in Common
In other news, the cover hasn’t been picked yet for the sequel to One Summer which is due out in the spring, but it will soon have a definite title – editor and I are pretty much argued out, and close to agreement! And the book after that (puff pant) is progressing nicely, and I hope to have first draft completed by Christmas. We’ll see…
I’ll be heading back shortly to one of my favourite parts of Ireland; on November 6 I’m doing a reading in Whyte Books ( in the lovely village of Schull in West Cork (attached pic is part of Schull’s delightful main street), so if you’re anywhere in the vicinity please drop in; I’d be delighted to see you. I made the acquaintance of Sheila, the owner of Whyte Books, at an event there in September, when no less a celeb than Jeremy Irons put in an appearance. I shook hands with the divine Jeremy (those eyes!) and pestered his poor wife Sinead Cusack until she bought a copy of Something in Common. Hope she enjoyed it!
Right, it’s time for me to get into pjs and cosy up for the night with the cat. Take care, everyone – Roisin xx