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New baby on the way….


Hello to all – just checking in, a while since I wrote. The good news is that the next book, The Anniversary, is taking shape; I’m about two thirds of the way through the first draft so there’s still a long way to go but it’s heading in the right direction. Still not sure where everyone is going to end up, but I’m trusting that they’ll let me know at some stage! I’ll soon be seeing a cover, always a scary prospect…..hopefully I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when I see it! And of course I’ll share it here as soon as I’m allowed. The Anniversary is due on the shelves next May or June, all going well. Hard to believe it’s number 15 – where do the years go? I do hope anyone who was kind enough to read The Street Where You Live enjoyed it.


In other news I’ve been laid low since April with some muscle condition – doctors are still scratching their heads to give me a diagnosis but I’m on steroids so hopefully it’ll go as quickly as it came. I’m stiff and sore all over – I suspect I need my dose of miracle drugs upped – but I’m able to write, thankfully. The mixed bag of an Irish summer was a little disappointing but I’m off to say hello to the Spanish sun for a week soon, and  I intend to do serious battery recharging as I lie on the beach and lap up the vitamin D, or pretend I know how to swim in the sea!

Hope all had a good summer (or winter, if you’re from Down Under). Till next time, take care and mind yourselves,

Roisin xx

Remember me?


I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t – I’ve just seen, to my shame, that my last post here was in AUGUST of last year!! I knew it had been a while but I had no idea it was that long….hopefully some of you will be able, after some thinking, to recall who I am!

So what’s been happening? Well, I wrote another book for starters! Delighted to report that The Street Where You Live will shortly (around June 8) be hitting bookshop shelves all over Ireland and beyond – should be appearing in Australia and New Zealand around that time too, and HOPEFULLY it won’t be long before it’s available online, both as a ‘proper’ book and in e-format. As ever, if you live outside Ireland and want to get your hands on a copy, do check out – they offer a great service, competitive pricing and free worldwide postage so worth keeping them in mind. They don’t do pre-ordering, so the book won’t appear until it’s been published, but it should be up then or soon afterwards.


I can also report that The Reunion was published in the smaller paperback format about six weeks ago and is selling nicely. So it’s all go. The photo at the top of this post was taken at a recent reading I gave in a great space in Limerick that plays host to arts events, as well as facilitating its own stuff. It’s called Narrative 4, it’s part of a worldwide movement which aims to promote empathy through story-sharing, and it’s well worth checking out too …

I’m working on the next book as we speak – well, I was up to five minutes ago! What I can tell you at this stage is it’s called The Anniversary, and it centres around a family that comes together in unusual circumstances over a long weekend…..early days, I have yet to reach the ten thousand word mark, but so far so good. Destined to be published around this time next year, all going well.

sneak 16.32.31

If you live in Limerick or anywhere near, you are cordially invited to the official launch of The Street Where You Live, which will take place on Wednesday June 14  at 6.30 in the wonderful O’Mahony’s Bookshop. The launches are always good fun,  I get great support from my brilliant friends and family – and I’m planning an after-launch bash in Chez le Fab, a great buzzy cafe/wine bar down the road from the bookshop.

That’s about it for now – time to put the feet up and sign off for the day! Be good, mind yourselves,

Roisin xx

Tis the season to be jolly…..

ImageOn the Eve of Christmas I would like to thank you all so much for your kind support throughout the year, it is greatly appreciated as I tap away on the keyboard, hoping to God something decent comes out!

I wish you peace, harmony and plenty of laughs over the festive season, and let’s hope we all enjoy health and happiness in 2014 and beyond.

Roisin xxxx

Books, bread, sheep


Where is the year going? It seems like just a few weeks ago we were crossing our fingers and hoping for a decent summer – and now the togs and towels are packed away for another year and autumn has pretty much arrived in Ireland. For the past few days I’ve been throwing on an extra layer of clothing, trying to resist turning on the heating, but last night I gave in and lit the fire in the sitting room. I pretended it was for my parents who were coming to dinner – my mother in particular, at the ripe old age of 85, feels the cold – but I was pretty glad of it myself too. The Irish summer of 2013 will rank as a pretty good one when we look back though, particularly when we compare it to the last few dire ones, when the sun seemed to be permanently on holidays somewhere else!
In other news, I splashed out and bought myself a bread-making machine. My first effort was atrocious – I was going to post a picture but my pride forbade it. The loaf looked like a mutant mushroom with a whitish-grey top, so you can imagine it yourself. Serves me right for tweaking the recipe. The second one was halfway decent, and the third which I baked yesterday looks promising although I’ve yet to taste it. I’m planning lots of homemade soup and crusty bread this winter. (The accompanying pic actually shows loaves I baked before the arrival of the machine – not bad, hey? Wondering now in fact why I bothered getting the machine…)
On the books front, the sequel to One Summer (title still up for grabs) has been very well received by my editor – for the first time she didn’t look for ANY changes before sending it on to the copy-editor, so that’s good. It will hit Irish shelves sometime in the spring (which is just around the corner, at the rate time is flying) – and while I’m waiting for it to come back from the copy-editor I’ve begun a new book (well, you have to keep busy, right?) and I’m about 50 pages in so far. This one is set in a rural Irish community in the middle of winter. It’s going to span just five days and centre around two neighbouring families as they struggle to cope with the aftermath of a traumatic event….quite different to anything that’s gone before. That’s all I’m saying for now – apart from the fact that I need to interview a sheep farmer for some info, which I’m doing tomorrow. He’ll get a kick, I’m sure, from the city girl’s questions, which will reveal the enormous depth of my ignorance regarding all things sheepish. Not sure why I needed to put a sheep farmer into the tale, but he’s there, and must be treated with respect. I’m going to bake my real life farmer a cake in the morning to say thanks – hope he’s got a sweet tooth.
A big thank you to all who get in touch to say nice things about the books: it means more than I can say. The other day I got a lovely email from a reader in New Zealand – wonderful to think of my stories making their way all the way to the other side of the world. Now all I need is for someone to offer me a book tour…..I can be packed in ten minutes.
Take care, and happy days – Roisin xx