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The Home Stretch


Oh boy, sorry for the long silence – didn’t realise how long it had been until I checked the date of the last entry. In my defence I’ve been working on the edits for the Roone Christmas book (nearly there, another week or so) and I’ve also squeezed in a sneaky week-long break to the sun. Temperatures were in the mid-thirties – phew! Although I hate to complain about the heat, since we’re usually so starved of it in Ireland, I did feel a bit wilty now and again! There was a swimming pool in the complex where I was staying, and a beach within walking distance, but both were too warm to be truly refreshing – I’m used to the chilly Atlantic when I swim, and unless I GASP with the cold getting in, it doesn’t feel like a proper dip! Pity about me. Anyway, I’m home now and back to work, and it’s nearly there. Haven’t got a publication date yet but I do have one for the paperback version of Two Fridays in April, which has this lovely pinky version of the bigger size cover, and which will hit shelves in or around August 6 (do let me know if you spot it in your local bookshop): paperbackAnd now I must get back to the edits – my dear old mother was 87 on Wednesday and we’re all heading out to dinner this evening, so I need to get my page quota done before that. Hope you’re all having a lovely summer (or winter) and hope you get an occasional look at the sun, at least! Take care, Roisin xx

Still In The Italian Charts…

Cupcake CafÇ (2)Good news – Cupcake Club, my Italian translation, is number six in the Italian bestseller list of foreign titles this week, still hanging in there! Did I mention how much I love Italy? I got four copies in the post today – first time I’d seen it in the flesh – and it’s just gorgeous, all hard cover and chunky and just fab. Now all I need is to find three Italians living in Ireland who’d each like a copy, because I only need one for myself….tell you what – first three Italian immigrants to get in touch can have ’em!

In other news, still busy on the next book, hope to have first draft finished in the next few weeks, watch this space. And wouldn’t you know it, the schools have just reopened after the summer holidays (which were pretty much a washout here in Ireland this year) and the sun is shining. Typical! Hope it’s shining wherever you are too.
Roisin xx

Into The Italian Charts

Cupcake CafÇ (2)Newsflash – I just heard that Cupcake Club, the Italian translation of The Things We Do for Love (see two entries below) has gone into the Italian bestselling foreign titles list at number five! LOVE being in a bestseller list – the excitement of waiting to see which way it will go the following week is killing, but in a good way! Watch this space (and please cross your fingers while you’re at it!)
In other news, the book I’m working on (working title Helen and Sarah) is almost there, another few weeks should do it – well, the first draft at least. This one has been challenging, not least because it spans over thirty years, and involves two separate main storylines….but hopefully the effort will be worth it. I will breathe a huge sigh of relief when I hand it over to Ciara, my trusty editor at Hachette – and take at least a week off!

I’m heading up to Dublin at the weekend to take part in a big girly festival. Most of the events will involve fashion and beauty, but there’s a masterclass section where authors take to the platform and talk about their writing lives, and give tips to aspiring writers. I love these events as they get me away from the laptop, and this one in particular will give me an excuse to get dressed up, which I rarely do. I’ve borrowed a pair of divine pink shoes from a shoe-mad pal, and I have a dress that I bought in a little boutique in Italy when I was there in June. I can’t wait to ditch the jeans and let my girly side out!
Hope you’re having a lovely summer, wherever you are (or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere!)
Roisin xx