September 1, 2022 Roisin Meaney

September 2022

Hello everyone,

September is one of my favourite months, not least because it’s my birthday month. When I was a young schoolgirl years ago I remember I used to hate that I often went back to school after the summer holidays on my birthday (the 3rd) – but obviously that has stopped being an issue for quite some time now! I also love the way the weather changes in September – this morning there was a delicious tang to the air when I put my nose outside the door before 9.00am, so refreshing after the summer warmth. The sun is still shining, so that’s a bonus – I’m not exactly wishing for wind and rain: the early morning crispness for now will do nicely.

In other news, with Fred gone (but never forgotten) I’ve got myself two new kittens. They’re brothers, and I’ve named them Paddy and George, and they’re utterly adorable. In the pic (they’ve just discovered the waste paper basket in the sitting room and it seems to fascinate them) Paddy is on the left and George on the right. George’s nose is a bit darker, and he’s also got one stripey leg so it’s easy enough to tell them apart. Another difference is that Paddy wails like a banshee when he wants food, and George’s mew is more subdued. Poor Charlie’s a bit put out since they moved in – she stays out of the house unless she wants feeding, and then she’ll keep as far from them as she can. I’m hoping she comes around soon.

Going back to writing on Monday. I figure I’ve had more than enough of a break and I need to get back to a routine, so I’ve cleared the decks, and after breakfast I’ll sit down and open the new draft and hope for the best. I’m still fine tuning the plot, not sure exactly what’s going to happen to everyone, but sometimes it helps to get a bit of the narrative down so I’ll go that route. Wish me luck!

Mind yourselves.