October 1, 2022 Roisin Meaney

October 2022

Hello everyone,

Well, the stove has been lit, and one of these nights I’ll have to swap the summer duvet for the winter one, so I’ve been forced to acknowledge that autumn is well and truly here. But summer was good while it lasted, we got our fair share of sunshine and beautiful sunsets, and I don’t mind the change really – I relish the cosiness of the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, with stove and soup and cuddly throws (and maybe the odd hot whiskey when I come in frozen from a walk). The gnarled old apple tree at the bottom of the garden is completely laden with apples, nearly ripe enough to pick. They’re eaters but not very sweet, so I generally use them in baking. I’ll have enough crumbles and tarts to see me through till next summer!

September was mainly quiet here; bit of walking, bit of writing, bit of trying to manage two little cats, and one bigger one who really wasn’t impressed when I brought home the new arrivals! Thankfully, she’s finally coming round – she’s probably accepted that they’re here to stay, and she might as well put up with them. The kittens are a delight, and of course I’m mad about Charlie, but it can be hard work trying to keep them all happy. The joys of being a crazy cat lady!

On the writing front, the new book is growing slowly. Not much I can tell you about it yet – it’s not scheduled for publication till Christmas 2023 – except that it will feature familiar faces from other books…….and now I should get back to it. Today is wet and windy outside, perfect writing weather so let’s hope I up the word count over the next few hours.

Mind yourselves.