November 1, 2023 Roisin Meaney

November 2023

Hello everyone,

November, the year is almost out. It’s true what they say – time does go faster the more of it you spend above ground! Seems like no time at all that I was looking forward to summer, and now the clocks have gone back and the leaves are falling and the days are shortening. As I look out on this first afternoon of November the sky is a mix of white and blue and the sun is doing its best to light us up. Five minutes ago heavy hailstones were falling, but now it’s dry. Gotta love the Irish weather. Storm Ciaran is on the way, so hatches will be battened down, stoves lit and hot chocolate made all over the place! (Must get some marshmallows…..)

The great news is that A Winter to Remember entered the top 10 Irish Original Fiction list at number 10 after just half a week of sales, (came out on a Thursday, tallying of sales for that week ended on Sat), so that was a terrific start. A week later it went to number 5, and I’ve just heard that it’s sitting at number 4 this week, so I’m thrilled. Thanks so much to everyone who helped to put it there. It’s really great to see something you’ve slogged over for several month going down well.

Apart from that, nothing much to report. My writing week in Italy was fine but I was too distracted to get much writing done, so now that I’m back I have the head down and I’m 5k words into the new book, and so far so good. Only another 90k or so to go…..!

Mind yourselves.