May 1, 2024 Roisin Meaney

May 2024

Hello everyone,

It’s May!  Incredible that we’re this far through the year. I was marvelling last evening that it was still full daylight at 8.30pm – one thing I miss if I find myself in a country that doesn’t get the lovely long days we enjoy in the summery half of the year. We might not see much of the sun, and the rain might never be far away, but we’re not short of daylight from May to September. I’m enjoying the last day or so of freedom before my editor’s notes on the first submission of the new book land with a thump, propelling me back to work. I spent most of April catching up on non-writing things: despite the middling weather I managed a bit of garden tidy-up and planting of new stuff – my priority right now is trying to make sure the cats don’t plough up the newly-planted bits before relieving themselves! If they could read I’d put up a big sign saying LOO and an arrow to a safe spot, but reading is a skill they have yet to master! Attaching a pic of the main bit of the garden. It’s amateurish and a bit haphazard, and the bad snap doesn’t help, but it’s all my own work – there was just grass when I moved in, and I’m a novice gardener at best – so I’m fond of it. The little tree is a Flamingo – in summer the tips of its leaves turn pink and it looks really pretty. The dark-leaved shrub at the front is a Peruvian Lily with the most beautiful yellow and orange flowers – it’s just budding now so I can’t wait. And the lupins dotted about will be glorious when their turrety flowers come up. If I remember I’ll post another pic when everything is blooming.

Hopefully May will bring its share of sunshine – the last week or so of April was putting up a valiant effort to improve itself weatherwise, so I’m living in the usual hope. Still battling with some aches and pains but I’ve had an initial visit with the consultant who promises he’ll prescribe the steroid I need as soon as he carries out some tests to rule out any underlying conditions, so at least things are happening. It’s hard sometimes, isn’t it, to remember that things always work themselves out? Maybe sometimes not in the way you hoped, or imagined, but there’s always some sort of resolution.

Have a great May. Mind yourselves,