May 3, 2023 Roisin Meaney

May 2023

Hello everyone,

Well, with May finally here summer’s definitely in the air, with lovely long days and more blue in the sky. The birdsong these times is deafening – I sit on my patio on all the dry evenings and soak it in, enthralled. I’ve migrated to the house in Miltown Malbay in West Clare, soon to be my year-round home as my Limerick house has just gone to sale agreed. It’ll be a wrench leaving it after 26 mostly happy years there – but trying to manage two houses was making me weary! And the cats won’t be sorry to be settled in one place – they do NOT like the car, or the carriers, or both – I never figured out exactly why they began complaining as soon as I turned the key and didn’t stop till we landed – I’m just glad that’s in the past! And we’re only an hour from Limerick, so I’ll be up and down to see Mam and catch up with pals etc. End of an era, but not a definitive end….

In book news, I have my editing hat on and I’m back in the book with my virtual red pen in hand as I root out the weaknesses and hopefully replace them with something stronger. It’s a daunting task at the outset but once you launch in and get going it loses its scariness and it’s just a matter of ploughing on till you’re back at the last page again, which I’m planning to get to by the end of May. Let’s hope.

Pic shows George and Paddy, my two not so little brother pusses enjoying a snooze in their ‘playground’. They have the life.

Look after yourselves, enjoy the great outdoors.