March 1, 2024 Roisin Meaney

March 2024

Hello everyone,

And welcome March, and hopefully a bit of better weather! I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here in West Clare it’s been pretty dire all month, the odd bright blue sky day surrounded by grey cold, wet ones….my poor garden is a quagmire, I can’t venture out without changing into wellies, no chance to do any tidy-up gardening yet, so I’m pinning all my hopes on March. I can dream, can’t I?

On the writing front, I’m steaming ahead. Today I started writing the final section, which will take up about 10,000 words or so, and then, apart from a prologue and epilogue, both just a few pages, it’s done. Having said that, it’s going to run a bit longer than it should, so my job right after finishing the narrative will be to go through it again and cut where I can. I find that very satisfying, like pruning a plant, taking off the spent stuff and leaving what’s good. Let’s hope it works out.

I said last month I might do another bit of Camino, and it looks like it might happen in June. Early days, liaising with pals to find dates that suit, but all going well we should be heading to Spain in mid June. The thought of walking in sunshine is sooooo tempting right now! And before that there’s Listowel Writers’ Week to look forward to at the end of May/start of June. Lots of good times ahead.

The cats say hello. Such pampered pusses.

Mind yourselves,