March 1, 2022 Roisin Meaney

March 2022

Hello all – happy meteorological spring: who knew that it starts on March 1? Here in Limerick the weather lately could be mid-winter, with storms and rain a-plenty, but today was lovely enough for a ramble around my local park (pic below), so I live in hope.
In writery news, I’m waiting for the copy edited draft of Life Before Us to come bouncing back, any day now says my editor – so that’ll keep me quiet for a week or two while I accept or reject all the copy editor’s changes. Soul-destroying, but has to be done. After that it’ll be on to the final hurdle, aka the proofreader, who’ll give it the last pair of eyes before it comes bouncing back again for yours truly to give it the last, last ever read through. I’m going to be so sick of it by then that I’ll never want to see it again – until my box of author copies lands on the doormat, a week or two before publication (June 9), and I’ll fall in love with it all over again!
In the meantime I’ve been playing around with a few picture book ideas, one of which is currently sitting on my agent’s desk for her consideration. I’ve got all my nails bitten to the quick, waiting for her verdict. CROSS FINGERS NOW!
Hope everyone’s doing OK. Today marked the first day that mask-wearing was optional in most places here in Ireland. I was in a local supermarket this morning and most people I saw were still wearing them, as I was. It’ll take a while for us to climb out of the covid tunnel, but the light at the end of it is becoming brighter every day…..
Mind yourselves.