June 1, 2024 Roisin Meaney

June 2024

Hello everyone,

Well, there’s no more pretending it’s not summer yet. Long days, with mostly tolerable weather, everything coming alive in the garden – wonderful. Pic shows current occupants of my kitchen table vase – not grown by me, but I can’t resist peonies when I see them for sale; waiting patiently now for them to open. To my devastation I didn’t see the Northern Lights last month – I just missed the memo, didn’t know they were on the way. Was kicking myself the following morning when I saw all the fabulous photos up on Twitter. Ah well, hopefully they’ll come again in my lifetime!

On the writing front, I’m editing my first draft and it’s going well, thank goodness. I have a good feeling about this book. It’s the first one with just one voice in it, and I like that. I feel like I’ve got into my main character’s head in a new way – in fact, she feels a bit like me, which probably isn’t surprising as I’ve made her a contemporary, coming into the story aged 20 and going through her life pretty much the same time as me. Like me, she spent time in London as a young woman, and like me she finds herself back in Ireland as the years pass…..it seems like a long time till next Feb, when her story is scheduled for publication, but I’ve reached the age where time really does seem to pass faster, so I won’t feel it. I’m currently waiting to see what cover my editors have dreamed up – always an anxious time, but hopefully I’ll love it!

Not much else to report really, other than that I’ve booked a week-long yoga holiday in November in Tenerife, and I might slip away to Spain in September for another week of the camino – must talk to pals and see who’s up for it. Feels like a long time since my last trip to Ischia last October, so it’ll be nice to be packing the bags again.

Have a great summer, don’t forget to slap on the sunscreen. After my little melanoma episode 2 years ago, I have a great respect for those rays.

Mind yourselves,