July 1, 2024 Roisin Meaney

July 2024

Hello everyone,

July already, 2024 entering its second half. Irish weather being typically unpredictable, lovely blue sky days followed by grey dull ones with more than our fair share of rain, but still with the lovely long hours of daylight, which for me is the best part of summer. Miltown Malbay is gearing up for its 52nd Willie Clancy summer school, ten days of celebration of our Irish music heritage that’s kicking off next Saturday 6th. The place will fill with traditional music aficionados and fans, classes and workshops will be packed, concerts and céilis and impromptu sessions will be the order of the day, and there won’t be a seat to be had in a pub or eatery for the duration, but there’ll be a great buzz around the place and it’s wonderful for the town. I’ll wander down the main street every now and again to soak up the atmosphere and witness the shenanigans.

On the writing front, I’ve been enjoying a break while my editors prepare their feedback on the edited draft that I sent them in early June, and it’s been lovely to take a step away. I’ve caught up on outstanding jobs in the house (most of them) and I’ve met pals I hadn’t seen for a while, and all in all it’s been a lovely month, but I’m looking forward now to reacquainting myself with the story and getting back into it for what I’m hoping will be the final time. Editing is challenging but also very rewarding when you feel the book tightening and sharpening and becoming as good as you can make it. Fingers crossed.

In other news, the house hunting continues. I’ve viewed a few more properties but none spoke to me; I couldn’t see myself settling in any of them. It’s a little wearying to feel the time passing – over a year now – and no resolution in sight. Everyone tells me the right one will come along, and I’m trying to believe them. Patience is a virtue!

This month’s pic shows the main planted section of the garden – bit wild, bit haphazard, but I get such enjoyment out of seeing everything coming into bloom. There was just grass here when I bought the house; a lot of manual labour went into that patch of colour! I especially love the lupins for their brazen showiness, and the Peruvian lily in front with its beautiful flowers. I’m trying to train jasmine up the side of the shed, but it’s slow going. I really don’t know what I’m doing in the garden, and I’m too lazy to look up the info, so it’s always experimentation time!

Mind yourselves, enjoy the summer,