January 1, 2022 Roisin Meaney

January 2022

Always feels strange, doesn’t it, writing the new year for the first time? I remember in the days of cheque books putting the previous year on cheques till at least the end of February. Maybe that was just me, but I doubt it!

No New Year resolutions for me, gave those up a while back, apart from the usual resolves to walk more, eat more healthily, etc that generally keep me on track for the first few months. My one real wish for 2022 – and I’m quite sure I’m not alone here – is for the world to pick itself up and return to some kind of normality, but with added compassion and empathy. Wishing hard for that. What strange and interesting times we live in. 

On the writing front, I’ve just begun on the (hopefully) final edits of the June book. Still not allowed to reveal cover or title, but trust me, they’ll be worth waiting for. The cover is a big departure from previous ones so it remains to be seen how readers will feel about it, but it gets a thumbs-up from me. Hopefully I can flash it soon! And on the publication front, the next arrival will be the paperback of The Book Club – must check on the date, but it’ll be sometime in late Feb or early March. 

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas, however it was spent, and whoever was at the table. For me, the best part of the after-Christmas period is seeing the first signs of spring – and just yesterday I spotted buds in the garden. Not sure what the plant is; a clump of it pushed up through gravel some years ago so I suspect it’s more weed than anything else, but the flowers are pretty pink ones that deserve to bloom and be happy. 

Wishing everyone a healthy and peaceful 2022.