I’ll Be Home for Christmas (2015)

(Hachette Books Australia, 2015)



The third book in the Roone series, which began with One Summer (2012) and continued with After the Wedding (2014)*. All three books are set on Roone, a small island off the west coast of Ireland. I loved those characters and that place so much I had to go back to them, not once, but twice! This third book is a little different in that the action takes place at Christmas time: it begins three days before Christmas and ends on the eve of New Year’s Eve.

In brief: Tilly, 17, leaves her home in Australia, bound for a tiny island off Ireland’s west coast. Six months ago she knew virtually nothing about Ireland, and had never heard of Roone, her destination. Now she’s travelling there alone and afraid, and hoping to find help from a woman who doesn’t know she exists, What she doesn’t realise is that the woman she’s coming to find has more than enough problems of her own to cope with . . .

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*One Summer and After the Wedding are Hachette Books Ireland publications, and are available from Amazon.com here and here

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