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  1. Hi Roisin
    Just wanted to let you know how much I love your books, particularly because your characters are so real, flaws and all. Some we love, some we kind of like, and some we think oh yeah, I’ve met one of him/her. I’m re-reading everything on my kindle to keep me occupied during the virus lockdown, been trying to find out the order of the Roone books (not that it really matters) and find it hard to believe there are only four!
    So I thought I’d add my wish to others who’ve said they would love to see more of them.
    Keep writing cos I expect Roone will get you again!

    Bobbi (in Dorset, UK)

    • Bobbi, thanks so much for taking the time to write, and I’m thrilled you enjoy the books. The Roone order, just in case, is One Summer, After the Wedding, I’ll be Home for Christmas and The Birthday Party – and yes, I don’t doubt that I’ll be back on the island at some stage, seems I can’t get away! I do love my return trips though, so it’s great that readers seem to like them too. Thanks again, stay safe – Roisin xx

  2. Hello Roisin
    I’ve just read your book The Birthday Party.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I enjoy most Irish Authors books.
    I can’t believe I’d never seen your books anywhere till this week. I live in Australia and I see you’ve been writing a long time but I’ve never seen your books in any bookstore or department store. I happened to pick up a copy of your book in an op shop when I saw your name and thought oh great a new irish writer.
    Thank you for your wonderful writing and I hope I find it easy to track down your other books.
    Helena Kearns

    • Hi Helena, thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch – I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed The Birthday Party, and thanks for supporting Irish authors. Hope you can track down a few more of mine – I’m a bit dismayed to hear you haven’t seen them in bookshops, as I was under the impression that they were widely available in Australia and New Zealand – must check that out! Happy reading – Roisin xx

  3. Hi there Roisin … I hope your new year has got off to a good start. I contacted you some months ago when I got one of your books (Home for Christmas) and shared that we had the same (unusual) family name. I kept the book to read it over the Christmas period …I loved it …made me smile and shed a few tears. I was disappointed that you had Tilley go back to Australia. My friend has another of your books to give me next time we meet.
    Best wishes ..Paul Meaney (Pol o´Maonaigh) originally from Carlow town.

    • Hi Paul, nice to hear from you again and delighted you enjoyed my Christmas offering. Sorry about the disappointment re Tilly, but she puts in a reappearance in The Birthday Party! Best, Roisin x

  4. Jacqueline Caron

    Roisin — just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy reading your stories. I just finished “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” loved ‘catching up’ with characters living on the island of Roone that I’ve gotten to know in some of your other stories ( One Summer, After the Wedding ). Reading your stories brings me closer to Ireland and makes me long to visit – I have relatives in Kilmihil. Keep the stories coming! xo your fan in Maine/USA

    • Jacqueline – thanks so much for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying the books, it’s always wonderful to hear from a happy reader! And if your relatives are from Kilmihil in Co Clare (I think there’s another Kilmihil in Co Limerick) they’re about 20 km from where my mother grew up, a village called Kildysart – they probably know each other! (She’s Rose O’Grady, just in case – 91 now, so gone from there a long time, but they might know of the O’Grady family of butchers…..!) Roisin x

  5. Hello Roisin,
    I am an avid audible listener and just happened on my first Roisin Meaney book, “One Summer”. I loved every character and their life struggles. Your visual description of the area’s sights and smells carried me back to Ireland. Is there a reason why there are only a few audible books of yours? I would love to be able to listen to your other stories and especially the Roone follow-up saga’s. Miss those special people!

    • Kathleen, thanks so much for getting in touch, and I’m thrilled to hear you’re enjoying One Summer, and delighted that it’s the first of the Roone books, as some start in the middle without realising it! There’s a plan in place, I’ve been told, to put all my books on Audible, not sure how long it’ll take but hopefully not too long. Thanks again! Roisin xx

  6. I have so enjoyed the Roone series ,I read 1 & 2 a few years ago, ordered the Birthday party at the library ,whilst on the waiting list ,my daughter in law read I’ll be home for Christmas and realised it was about Roone , so was able to read those in order .
    I enjoyed them so much ,I have gone back and read 1 & 2 again .
    Please write another ,I feel as if I know these people Gillian Redcliffe ,QLD Australia

    • Hi Gillian, thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Roone books, they were never meant to be a series, they just happened when the characters refused to leave my head when I’d finished One Summer, and subsequently hung around after every other one too! I’d say I will go back and write another, but I’m not sure when that will happen. I’m currently writing the first draft of an unrelated story, and when that’s done I have another plot that I’m keen to develop….so I think it’ll be a few years before I get to step on board the Roone ferry again – but I’m fairly sure it will happen! Roisin x

  7. Hi. Have just found your books & omg am I loving them!!! Started with the reunion, then the Anniversary & am now halfway through the 1st of your Roone Island quartet & that is only in 3 weeks. Love your style & look forward to snuggling up every night with them. Was lucky enough to holiday in beautiful Kerry this year & if it wasn’t for the bridge at Portmagee it could be Roone!! Every continued success!! Susan x

    • Susan, thanks so much for brightening a very wet Monday morning with your lovely message, so kind of you to take the time to let me know! Delighted you’re enjoying the books – and yes, Roone is a thinly-disguised Valentia island, well spotted! Roisin xx

  8. Hello – a new fan from Washington DC here. I just finished Life Drawings and found it delightful and thought-provoking. Every one of us is going through something, every day, and the rest of us can’t possibly fully understand. I picked this up as a fun beach read but found it much more compelling and couldn’t put it down – I am dying to know what all of the characters are doing now! Especially Carmel and Barry! I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    • Thank you so much, Jeanne, for taking the time to get in touch. I’m delighted you enjoyed Life Drawing for Beginners (it was previously published here in Ireland under the title The Things We Do for Love) – as part of the research for that book I enrolled in a life drawing class. I learnt a lot (I spoke with the model at the break) but probably the biggest lesson was to stick to the writing, because I sure won’t make an artist! Hope you enjoy any others you pick up – just bear in mind that my other US publication, Semi Sweet, was also published here, also with another title – Love in the Making – so just make sure you don’t get the same book twice! Best – Roisin xx

  9. Linda, thanks so much! Delighted you enjoyed The Birthday Party – and yes, I’m sure there’ll be another Roone book at some stage! Roisin xx

  10. Once again Roisin you have kept me up to the wee small hours. I have been saving The Birthday Party for an end of summer treat and I loved revisiting Roone. I couldn’t wait to see how it would all work out and twice I was jolted out of sleep to read on.We need another visit to Roone but I know I will have to wait.Pity it isn’t real or we could all meet there and take over Walter’s Place with the overflow at Imelda’s!!! I am going to read all four books again so I can be immersed in Irishness!

  11. Roisin have read all your books and absolutely loved each one,I love getting lost in the story and characters in your books and they never dissappoint,you give so much pleasure to each and every reader so thank You,I’ve just got a copy of The Birthday party from my daughter for my birthday so can’t wait!!!! We both read your books and keep a copy of each one on the bookshelf for visitors to our house. The only one I haven’t read is the Daisy pickers which I’ve failed to get a copy of but will keep trying, kindest regards for all the hours of pleasure and escape your books have given us Miriam and Emma.

    • Linda, thanks so much! Delighted you enjoyed The Birthday Party – and yes, I’m sure there’ll be another Roone book at some stage! Roisin xx

    • Miriam and Emma, apologies that I don’t seem to have responded to your lovely message, not sure how I missed it…thanks a million for getting in touch. I’m delighted that you’re both enjoying the books, its wonderful to get the positive feedback, gives me frssh heart for the next day’s writing! Roisin xx

  12. Julie Costello

    Hello Roisin, l have just finished The Birthday Party and am hoping you will tell me there will be another book after this one please😊l am now making my way through your other book thank you again and l can’t wait for the next chapter on Roone

    • Julie, thanks a million for getting in touch, Im writing a new unrelated book now but I’d say there’s a good chance I’ll find myself back on Roone at some stage – just can’t seem to stay away from that island! Roisin xx

  13. Lorraine OSullivan

    Hi Roisin Ive just finished reading The Birthday Party and I enjoyed it so much I couldnt put it down. I bought it to read on my holidays but couldnt wait so I read the whole book in just one day. Not a thing got done in my house that day….I mean nothing other than the 4 kids fed and watered !!! Its the first book Ive read in 14 years since just before my oldest child was born so it was a lovely book to get me back into reading. Ive just realised that there are 3 other books about Roone and Ive ordered them and cant wait for them to arrive. My kids are telling me now that they are not so sure if me reading is a good idea ha ha ha

    • Lorraine – what a lovely message, thank you so much for taking the time to send it. I’m delighted you chose The Birthday Party to get you back reading, and thrilled that you enjoyed it, but apologies to the kids for the absentee mother….! Yes, you’ve started at the end with the Roone books, so I’d say go back to One Summer and work your way up to I’ll be home for Christmas, and hopefully you won’t be too confused! Thanks again, always great to hear from a happy reader. Enjoy the hols when they happen – Roisin xx

  14. Iris Van Acker

    Dear Roisin , I hope you do not mind me calling you by your first name .. I have just finished The Birthday Party and I am already having withdrawal symptoms . I thoroughly enjoy your books , only problem is that I just keep on reading 😀. A big big thank you ! Iris

  15. NikI Deeley-Barnard

    Hi I love your Roone Island books …. I want to live there ! Even though I know it doesn’t exist ! Look forward to reading more about their lives and hopefully getting to see Ireland one day xxx

    • Hi Nickl, delighted to hear you’re enjoying the Roone books – the fourth in the series, The Birthday Party, is just about to hit the shelves, so I hope you find it and enjoy it too…and if you do get to Ireland, be sure to take a trip to Valentia Island off the Kerry coast, where I stayed for a month in November 2010 while I was trying to think up a new story, and where the idea for One Summer was born. Roone is really Valentia in disguise – and I really want to live there too! xx

  16. I have just read Something in Common, I was thoroughly enjoying the total ride. Then you kill off xxxxxx – what the! This was the first book of yours I have read and it will be the last. You are not an uplifting author.

    • Sue – sorry you were disappointed in the ending. I try to keep my stories true to life, which sadly means that things don’t always end happily. Thanks for reading me anyway, even if you’ve now moved on! Roisin xx

    • FaithAnne Bond

      *waving a big ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ from across the pond, Sue*

      … narratives can be experienced very differently from one person to another for a myriad of reasons … there is no right or wrong … so know that I respect that that is how you experienced ‘Something In Common’.

      … my experience, however, was different and I feel compelled to share that I lost myself in ‘Something In Common’ … found it to be a beautifully written, poignant reminder that whilst life does not always come to us wrapped in a pretty bow … kindness abides with the potential to lift even the most fragile of us when we need it most. 💜

  17. Hi Roisin,
    I just finished reading your marvellous The Reunion – for the second time! I guess I wasn’t ready to leave your characters yet!
    I totally adored Florence, all her friends and the incredible atmosphere of the English village where they lived their small community lives! It’s just perfect and perfectly described.
    I must admit that I frequently thought that Eleanor was too childish and self-centered to be an agreeable character, both when she was a teen (so self-centered that she could never understand what the boys around her really thought or felt) and when she grew up (same problem as when she was young. As a mother, I was totally heart-broken for Jacob, more than what I was for her awful loss). But I guess that all her faults make her all the more human and (unfortunately) very often I could easily relate to her feelings or behaviours.
    Caroline, on the contrary, is almost perfect, in spite of her terrifying story. And you added a perfectly human touch in making her doubt about her role in the rape, her uncertainty in accusing Jasper of what he really did. But she is more introspective than her sister, and this is her strenght.
    But the real monster is their mother. My only regret is that, in the end, she gets all she wanted (no scandal, none to question the tale she told her friends, still invited to the D’Arcy’s parties, her husband still in the dark). The only slightly cathartic moment in this regard is when Eleanor tells her that she knows the truth. But I guess that this is how life goes. We can’t have a perfectly happy ending.

    Anyway, all this is just to tell you that I really loved the story and your incredible writing, which really brings to life characters and places. I’m very happy that I discovered you and I’m sure that I will go on reading all your books from now on.

    • Daria – thanks so much for your comprehensive review – it’s great to get that detailed feedback. Now I feel that I really should have made that awful mother suffer more! I’m delighted you enjoyed the book, and hope you like any others you try. Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch, always appreciated – Roisin xx

      • Hi again. I just started The Daisy Picker (I thought I could adopt a chronological approach to your work now).
        I can already tell you that I adore the fact that this story as well is about a sort of “epiphany” and the resulting determination to change. This is something I think almost all of us can relate to at a certain point of our lives and it is very interesting and inspiring!
        Thanks for sharing your stories with us! And do not stop, please!

      • Daria – I’m delighted you’re trying another book, and really hope you like it. I regard The Daisy Picker with the fond indulgence that I imagine a mother feels when she sees the breakfast tray her six year old has prepared for her on Mother’s Day – she looks beyond the burnt toast and undercooked egg and sees only the love and effort that went into it! I was starting out, I hadn’t a clue, and now if I open it (which I do rarely) I want to change pretty much every sentence in it! But I have a good friend who says it’s her favourite so I take heart from that…….read it with an indulgent eye, and imagine me tapping away on the laptop keyboard with hope in my heart! Roisin xx

  18. Hi, I’m from the USA and have only read a couple of your books. I love your stories. I am reading semi sweet right now and love it.

  19. Lorraine Kelleher

    Hi ! I just finished “I’ll be home for Christmas “. And I enjoyed it so much! I couldn’t put it down! I’ve just read below that the sequel is out in June!!! So looking forward to it! Thank you!

    • Hi Lorraine, thanks so much for your kind message, I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed I’ll be home for Christmas – hope The Birthday Party is equally well received! Roisin xx

  20. Caroline Donnelly

    I picked up I’ll be home for Christmas at the library. I’m always on the look out for new authors and I thought I’d give it a go. I loved it. I will be going back for more books. Is there a follow up to I’ll be home for Christmas? I’d love to read it if there is.

    • Hi Caroline, delighted you enjoyed it, and many thanks for taking the time to let me know. The sequel, The Birthday Party, set eighteen months later, is coming out this June. And just to let you know, there are also two other books set on Roone, One Summer and After the Wedding, which occur before I’ll be Home for Christmas. Best, Roisin xx

  21. Dear Roisin Meaney,
    I’d like to express my gratitude to You for Your book “Two Fridays In April”.I have read this book in the Russian language though I know English as well as my native as I used to be a teacher of English for forty years.While reading I have been living through the feelings and experiences of the main characters,especially Mo Darling…I was watching myself in the mirror when You described her sufferings after her son’s loss-the scene at his grave and her feelings hidden from humans around-I had exactly the same way of travelling on my life journey after having lost my son and husband twelve years ago when I was 57.The depiction of the state of mind is so true and sincere that I was reading the book with excitement and thrilling and couldn’t tear from the book romance story.I wonder how You are gifted with these psychological strings of humans soul matters…I’m strikingly impressed by Your personality and creative gift at writing.God Bless You!Thanks a lot,dear Roisin Meaney!

    • Dear Gulfiya, thank you so much for your lovely message, I’m very happy that you enjoyed Two Fridays in April, but so very sorry to hear of your terrible loss. I hope you have found comfort in the years since then, and that you have some happiness again in your life. Roisin xx

  22. Jacqueline Trainor

    Wow, a new book in June, 2019? I am so excited and looking forward to it. I have read all of your books and I will be reading this one.

  23. Helen Comiskey

    Just finished The Anniversary. Wonderful book. Could not put it down.now for the next one. Thank you for the pure enjoyment of books.

  24. Just finished I’ll be home for Christmas. Read the first 2 in the summer and it took all my willpower to keep this one till Christmas, so glad I did. Can’t wait for the next one. Captivating writing

    • Paula, thanks so much, your lovely message has made my day! I’ve just finished the first draft of the next Roone story, hope you enjoy when it sees the light of day – Roisin xx

  25. Hi Roisin. I’m loving your books the last three I’ve read are One Summer, After the Wedding, and I’ll be home for Christmas but I get the impression that there is one previous to One Summer about Roone I’ve been through all your prev books but can’t find this missing link or have I got it wrong? I’d like to know the story of James and his late wife Karen and Nell’s early life on the island. Your help with this would be appreciated. Mary X

    • Hi Mary – many thanks for getting in touch and I’m delighted that you’re enjoying the books. There are just three Roone books so far, One Summer is the first – but I’ve just finished the next in the series which will be out next summer – and you’ve given me food for thought……Roisin xx

  26. Hi Roisin. I love your books and have read them all. I love the way your characters are inter connected or running parallel lives.
    Now I am wondering if you have any more in the pipeline! How long do I have to wait for another one?! I live in New Zealand but was lucky enough to enjoy a week in Ireland last May. What a lovely country. No wonder your characters are all so happy!

    • Alison, thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch. I’m delighted you enjoy the books, and the good news is I’ve just finished the first draft of the next. It’s set on the island of Roone, the fourth that I’ve set there – seems there’s no escape from it for me, I keep drifting back! It’s scheduled for publication next June or July – sorry it’s not sooner, but I imagine my editor will find plenty that needs changing, and I’ll have a few more months of work on it! Best, Roisin xx

  27. Hi Roisin
    I have just finished my first of your many books (The Anniversary) and am hooked.
    You’ve shortened the winter for me already. I was touched by the dedication before I even started “For the people of Miltown Malbay for their warm welcome”. I am also a blow in to Miltown and love living here. When I mentioned to my mother that we had an author from Limerick living in Miltown she was able to inform me that you were in the Irish bestsellers and had read several of your books and loved them. Mothers are always ten steps ahead of of their daughters.
    I loved how the characters related to each other as the story unfolded. The book blends the experiences of city and country living and attitudes beautifully. It was a very touching read. Keep writing.
    Eileen Ryan ……down the road from you.

    • Eileen, thanks so much for your lovely words, delighted you enjoyed The Anniversary, and delighted that your mother likes the books too (my mother has been 20 steps ahead of me all my life). Miltown Malbay is a great spot, I’m thrilled to have a base here. Be sure to give a shout next time you’re passing my house (presume you know where it is), would love to meet a fellow blow-in! R xx

  28. Hi Roisin
    I have just discovered your fabulous books. Iv just finished reading ONe Summer. Love your style of writing! I got quite emotional when poor Walter died. Loved the book so much I have now bought After the wedding and Something in common on Kindle. Keep up the writing!
    Geri Ryan

  29. Hi Roisin, I’ve only recently discovered your books on my Kindle and bought and read every single one of them. Thank you so much – I absolutely love your writing and can’t wait to read the next one (when?). Kind regards from Cape Town, South Africa, Erica

  30. I Roisin I was just wondering what is your favourite type of book to write

    • Hi Katie – that would be the kind of books I write all the time, fictional stories set in present day Ireland about ordinary people who try to cope with everything that life throws at them. 😀

  31. Jacqueline Derby

    Hi Roisin absolutely loved your book The Anniversary! Couldn’t put it down so needless to say there wasn’t much housework done until I finished it 😂😂. Looking forward to your next book. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent for story telling 😊😊

    • Hi Jacqueline, thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch. I’m delighted you enjoyed The Anniversary – sorry about the no-housework bit, but take it from me, a house survives fine with the minimum of housework (hate it!) Roisin xx

  32. Loved your book The People Next Door . . . I’m going to search for other books you’ve written. I really enjoy your writing style!

  33. Hi Roisin,
    I just finished Life Drawing for Beginners as well as Semi-Sweet.
    I loved them, and tried to pace myself as to make them last longer. I felt so invested in Audrey, Michael,Carmel and Barry, and have gone on to imagine that they now live happily all together, with Michael and Audrey very happily married and having a baby soon.

    I saw that you have a book coming out this summer-2081-and eagerly await it here in Boston.
    What a gift you have!


    • Hi Colleen, thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch, I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed the two US publications, and hope you like any others you come across. The Anniversary is scheduled for Irish publication on June 28th, hope it doesn’t take too long to get up on Amazon and the other sites….you could also try http://www.kennys.ie which offers free worldwide postage: they might have it earlier as they’re Irish. They don’t do pre-orders, books only go up when they take delivery of them. Best, Roisin xx

  34. Hi Roisin, I have just finished reading your trilogy about life on Roone. Thank you so much, I loved the books and the characters were so realistic. Will you write another sequel?

  35. Hi Rosin, I just finished reading “Life Drawing for Beginners”, which, interestingly, I picked up at a library sale. It was a wonderful story , inspiring my search for more of your books and as another person wrote on here, leaving me wanting another story about Audrey and the rest of the cast !

    Best wishes

    • Hi Valerie, thanks a mill for taking the time to get in touch, delighted you enjoyed LIfe Drawing for Beginners – I have to confess, because I’m probably not supposed to have favourites (!) that Audrey retains a special place in my heart! So you never know……R xx

      • Deborah Duncan

        I just finished Life Drawing for Beginners, and loved it. You managed to fill this book with so much love and heart, I cried. Losing lovely Kevin, Michael accepting Barry and Carmel, Jackie and James, Zarek. I loved them all. Would you ever consider revisiting these people and updating their stories? Your readers would thank you for it. Deborah in Canada.

      • HI Deborah, thanks a million for taking the time to get in touch, delighted you enjoyed Life Drawing for Beginners – I must admit I have a soft spot for Audrey and the rest of them. No immediate plans for a follow-up but I’m certainly not ruling it out. In the meantime, you should find Semi-Sweet in bookshops, it was my other US and Canada publication – and if you’re looking online for any others, be aware that Semi-Sweet was published as Love in the Making in Ireland, and Life Drawing for Beginners was The Things We do for Love over here. Best, Roisin xx

  36. I have recently found your books – my first introducton was Two Fridays in April – I thought it was beautiful. I have literally just finished I’II be Home For Christmas and as always at the end of a good read I feel withdrawal symptons. What happens to Tilly? Surely there has to be a follow up?. There is so much that I as your reader wants to know about how she fairs now she has come across her new family..
    Good luck and I wish you well

    • Jane, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and I’m delighted you’re enjoying the books. Yes, there will be a follow-up to Tilly’s story. This is the third book in the Roone series – the first was meant to be a stand-alone, but the characters stayed in my head afterwards and refused to leave, so I wrote a second, and then a third (with other books in between, mind you). Now I thought three was it, but I’ve had so many requests for another I think I’ll have to go back. My own fault for leaving a few loose ends! Not sure when it’ll happen, but probably in the next couple of years. In the meantime, there are a few others to keep you going……! Roisin xxx

      • Hi Roisin – thanks so much for your lovely response. When I came across I’ll be Home For Christmas it was the only one so I had no idea that it was the third in a trilogy. But it made no difference as it completely stood alone and what I am in awe of is the way you weaved together so many events and so many emotional roller-coasters to create a wonderful believable story that was all set over the course of just 10 days. Absolutely amazing ! xxJane

      • Ah thanks Jane – you’re a great boost to the old ego! R xx

  37. Have just finished reading your trilogy set on Roone. What wonderful books. The third one with Tilly really resonated with me. I too was adopted albeit in England and the circumstances were very different. Adopted at 6 weeks old, it took me over 30 years to trace my birth mother and when I finally traced her to a nursing home in London, she died 5 months later. She was from Mountrath a small town in Ireland near Portlaoise. I smiled when I read that ‘Roone would be talking about Tilly for a few month’s. I was the talk of Mountrath for a long time and even now the local publican crosses himself every time he sees me! Through my search I inherited a brother and 55 first cousins.
    Your writing portrays the beauty of the Irish countryside and the Irish people so well.

    Mary x

  38. Hello, I absolutely loved life drawing…. I didn’t want the book to end! Now I have to find your other books. Thank you for writing. Such good books.
    Patricia green

    • Patricia – delighted to hear, thanks so much for letting me know! Hope you find the others. Bear in mind that Life Drawing came out in Ireland as The Things We Do for Love, and Semi-Sweet, my other US publication, was published here first as Love in the Making. Just in case you’re looking on Amazon or other online sites, and it’s not made clear. Other than that, knock yourself out! Roisin xx

  39. When is your next book out and what it called

  40. I loved the Roone island trilogy, I so hope there will be more ‘Roone” stories. Thank you!

    • Mary – thank you for letting me know, delighted to hear. Yes, I think a Roone return is inevitable! It will take a while – I have to finish the one I’m on, and possibly write a follow-up to it…..but I will be thinking about Roone when I get a chance. Watch this space! Roisin xx

  41. Deirdre McCarthy

    Hi I read The Street Where You Live over the festive season and I loved it. It was a good time to read it as I could sit down and devour the book. Read in record time, which is the usual story with your books. Looking forward to the next book, I will keep it for my summer holidys so I can read it in a few sittings. There is nothing greater than finding an author where one book is as super as the last.

  42. Hi Roisin. Just finished I’ll be home for Christmas, my first Roisin Meaney book. Absolutely loved it! Why have I only just found you?! Please let us have a follow-up. We’ve got to find out what happens next.
    Meantime I’ll have to catch up with books 1and 2.
    Many thanks x

    • Susan – delighted you found me! I’m very shy and retiring, just write the books and then sit quietly in the dark, hoping to hear from people like you! Yes check out One Summer and After the Wedding, and if you’re still enjoying them you can try some of the others. Thanks a million for taking the time to let me know, it means a lot – Roisin xx

  43. I have just read “After the Wedding “. It It is the first book of yours that I have read and I enjoyed it so much! Thank you for a happy ending . I just couldn’t put the book down and will be off to find another very soon. Thank you.

    • Helen, delighted you enjoyed it, and thanks a million for taking the time to let me know. If you’re after happy endings, probably best to avoid ‘Something in Common’….. you’re safe enough with the rest! xx

  44. Hello Roisin, I have just read and loved “I’ll be home for Christmas”. I really want to know how things turn out for Tilly and see how her relationship with her sister Laura ( and her family) develops, especially want to find out more about her ability to see Walter! So many loose ends 😉. My grandmother was a native Irish speaker before she emigrated to USA. I started school in Ireland,then we moved to England and I married and emigrated to Norway, but still feel the pull! Please continue this series! Gill

    • Gill, delighted you enjoyed I’ll be home for Christmas, sorry about the loose ends! 😉 This is the third in my Roone series, and I’ll probably revisit the island at some stage, so I had to leave a few dangly bits for me to grab onto! Roisin x

  45. Hi Roisin,

    I’ve read all your books and now I want more..I am now retired so I have lots of time to read.
    I am eagerly awaiting your next book.
    Thank you.

    Carmel 😍

    • Hi Carmel, delighted to hear you’ve read them all, thanks so much, and thanks for taking the time to let me know. Must be lovely to have all the reading time in the world….I’m a hopelessly slow reader and there just aren’t enough hours in my time off bits of the day to get through half the books I want to read. Roll on retirement! Happy Christmas to you – Roisin xx

  46. Sharon Reisinger

    I love the Roone Island series and look forward to reading more of your books! I see in the comment below you are considering writing another Roone Island book – that certainly gets my vote!

  47. Hello Roisin I just read THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE. I loved it I will be looking out for more of your books. Thank youBetty Carr xxx

  48. Oh my goodness….have just read all 3 of your Roone books, totally enthralled. Delighted at night to go to bed and read that little bit further. Please tell me me there will be a 4th or 5th as they all grow up adults/kids and everything else. Great reads, now I am going on to catch up on all your other books but if they like the Roone collection or NOT I know I will not be disappointed. Thank you.

    • Marion – thanks so much for getting in touch, delighted you enjoyed the Roone series! I absolutely loved writing all three books, but I did think that might be it, was afraid I might get stale if I tried to keep it going – but the demand is growing for another, so I think I may well go back to the island before too long more…watch this space! And yes, hope you enjoy any others you pick up, thanks again, Roisin xx

  49. P.s I hope you have visited NZ … or come over for some research! 😀

  50. Hi Roisin :),

    I just finished reading your gorgeous book The Street Where You Live. I loved it! So excited to read more of your books soon. I am in New Zealand waiting for warm weather (come on spring). Your book kept me smiling and unfortunately I couldn’t put it down, so it’s been finished in record time.

    Melanie 😀

    • Hi Melanie – delighted you hear you enjoyed The Street Where You Live, and thanks so much for taking the time to let me know. I love hearing from readers, particularly when they’re on the other side of the world – love the idea that the books are going where I haven’t – yet! I have a cousin who lives in NZ and I keep threatening to visit her……one of these years maybe! Roisin xx

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