I’d be delighted if you’d like to sign my guestbook and leave me a message. Just leave a comment below and thanks for dropping by.


  1. I have just finished “After The Wedding” and I enjoyed it very much. I loved all the characters on Roone and as I love animals I loved reading about George the little donkey and John Silver – Nells dog. Also the puppies Captain, Scooter and Charlie.

    I work 8 hours a week in a charity shop (voluntary work) so, therefore, I like the way you bring charity shops into your books.

    Are you writing a book now and, if so, am I allowed to ask what the title of the book is?

    Thanks now and bye bye.

    • Hi Carmel, lovely to hear from you, and delighted you enjoyed After the Wedding. I did a stint in my local charity shop too, which is why I try to bring them into the books when I can. I’m currently writing The Reunion which will be published in early July (and I give a mention to charity shops in it too!) Best, Roisin x

  2. Hello Roisin. It’s a beautiful hot sunny Easter here in QLD Australia. Not a cloud in the sky & I have the flu! Normally I would be really annoyed at being sick over a long weekend …. But I have the copy of I’ll be Home for Christmas that I gave my mum for Christmas last year (I always select books for her that I want to read myself) so I’m actually rather glad of an excuse to wallow around all weekend & read while hubby looks after the kids. I’m only half way through this gorgeous book but I can’t put it down so I just need to be sick for another day …. Thank you for bringing such beautiful characters to life. I’ll definitely be on the hunt for your other books once I finish.

    • Hi Michelle, sorry you’re laid up, but delighted I’ll be home for Christmas is helping you through it! Thanks so much for getting in touch to let me know, and hope you enjoy any other books you find…I’m dead envious of your beautiful weather – it’s chilly and wet here in Ireland today, but as I’m tied up with the edits for The Reunion, which hits the shelves in July (out in Australia too!) I can’t complain too much! Get well soon, Roisin xx

  3. HI Roisin (from New Zealand)
    Just finished I’ll be home for Christmas which I picked up the airport looking for a feel good read to take on a weekend break away.
    It delivered , have loved hanging out with your characters and really enjoyed the story.
    Will order the earlier roone books from the uk if they are not currently here.

    Look forward to your next novel
    Thanks Isabelle

    • Isabelle – thanks so much for getting in touch, delighted you enjoyed the slice of Christmas on Roone, and hope you like the earlier ones too. The second in the series, After the Wedding, was published in Australia so you might find it easier to get a copy of that over in your part of the world – the first, One Summer, you may have to order online (but you could always pester your local library to get them in!) Roisin xx

  4. Hi Roisin, I have just finished reading ” I’ll be home for Christmas ” and you had me hooked from the very first page. This is the third book of yours I have read and I have to say you are currently my favourite author – I love the way your write, it all flows so well and you don’t keep reminding the reader of details about characters as some authors do. I intend to order the first two books about Roone from my library as they really look after me there, letting me have all the new books when they come in..
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading many more of your masterpieces.!!
    Best wishes Moira.

  5. Hello,

    I just wanted to share that I have read Life Drawing for Beginners and The Daisy Picker. I loved them both! I love the lightheartedness, yet deep drama tones. I hope to read many more of your books.

    Sincerely, a new fan…

  6. Hello Roisin, Thank you for such an enjoyable trip to ‘Roone”. I’m from the SW corner of Western Australia; no connection to Ireland other than a descendant of a deported Convict !
    I was given your book by a dear Irish friend…. I am sure over the years Brigid and I shall read though your collection. sincerely and kindly, marg

    • Marg, thanks a million for getting in touch, delighted to hear you enjoyed the read, and thanks to your friend who gave it to you! Descendant of a convict – when you have time you should trace back and see what you can find. I believe some poor souls were deported for such acts as stealing a loaf of bread to feed their children….what a sentence. Thanks again – Roisin xx

  7. Hi Roisin,

    Just finished “Something in Common”, without stopping! I have read many books, but can not remember one that pulled me in to the story so completely. Thank you so much for a lovely day. Maggi Ware

  8. Linda Sherlock

    Hi Roisin, I have just “been” to Roone for Christmas. I “booked my ticket” about last March when I first heard about “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” I just loved it and it made my Christmas but new readers, don’t wait another year if you haven’t got it yet. It is great as a standalone book but I re read “One Summer” and “After the Wedding” just so I could savour the delights yet again. I loved it and even the weather here reflected the conditions on Roone. I look forward to your new novel – glad you are nearly there- as it will be out just in time for my very special birthday in June!! You are the only author whose books I re-read so take that as a compliment. Happy New Year and keep writing!

    • Hi Linda, lovely to hear from you again, and thanks so much for your compliments! Delighted you enjoyed your third trip to Roone – and good to know the next book will be timely for you….those special birthdays have to be celebrated! Every good wish to you and yours for 2016 xx

  9. Hi Roisin,
    I just completed your novel, “Life Drawing for Beginners”. Once I began to read I could not put it down. I read the last pages slowly, trying to make them last. Thank you.
    Two years ago I was in Ireland on holiday. What a beautiful country. I hope to make it there again one day.
    Anna from Alberta, Canada

    • Hi Anna, thank you so much for getting in touch, delighted to hear you enjoyed Life Drawing for Beginners, and hope you like Semi-Sweet if you come across it in a bookshop – the only other of my books published in Canada (but I live in hope of a few more!) I haven’t been to Alberta but I spent a very enjoyable six weeks in Newfoundland in 2006, when I was writing The Last Week of May, my third book. Very quirky place with a distinct Irish flavour….best, Roisin xx

  10. Just loving “Something in Common”

  11. I just finish “The people Next door” (on Danish!). O’ my God! You can write! Please translate more to Danish, I can’t wait.
    Mie Lobedanz, Denmark.

    • Mie – thanks very much for getting in touch, delighted you enjoyed Dem inde ved siden af. So far, two other books of mine have been translated, Bag kulisserne and En bid af lykken, and I’m hoping if enough Danish readers enjoy them, there will be more in the future! All the best, Roisin xx

  12. I just loved, !I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and hope there will be another Roone title in the pipeline to look forward to.
    Kathleen McG x

    • Thanks so much Kathleen, delighted to hear you enjoyed the latest Roone saga! As to another – that’s really up to the islanders, they’re the ones who insisted on the last two! If they come looking for another, I’ll have no choice but to write it! Will keep you posted – Roisin xx

  13. Hi Rosisin Just to say I have just finished your latest novel “I’ll be Home for Christmas” and so enjoyed it and tried to eke it out as long as I could! You have a wonderful gift for telling a story. I just loved the way you incorporated characters from your other book. I can’t wait to read more of your stories. I must admit you had me shedding a wee tear once or twice – but in a nice way if you follow my drift. Strangely enough some years ago I had an experience similar to Tilly. On my way back from Detroit to N.Y flying in a snow storm we arrived late and I missed my connecting flight to the UK. I decided to spend the night in the Airport, only to be told the Airport closed at night. In those days I didn’t travel with a Visa Card or whatever and had left most of my cash with my Son who I had been visiting. It was a real dilemma for me and a passenger who overheard my story as I was getting off the plane kindly offered me a bed! She was in fact herself an Air Hostess and gave me a bed in a house rented by Air Hostesses. It was in Kew and she even got me back to the Airport in her taxi the next morning! What an angel she was! I sent her a pressie but never heard from her again. (the kindness of strangers gives hope to all of us.) Sorry I’ve gone on a bit but send good wishes to you. Pam

    • Pam – lovey to hear from you again, delighted to hear you enjoyed I’ll be home for Christmas, and what a great story about the kindness of strangers. I manage a page on Facebook that’s dedicated to promoting random acts of kindness, I’m a big fan. Take care – Roisin xx

  14. I came across your book ‘One Summer’ and really enjoyed the story. So exciting to find an enjoyable interesting read. I’m in my eighties and so pleased to find your books. Now ‘Something in Common’ is what I’m reading. What with a little sunshine and your great talent life couldn’t be better. Getting older has its drawbacks but reading your stories is a pleasure and a treat to look forward to.

    • Pam – you made my day! Thanks so much for your lovely message, delighted to hear you’re enjoying the books, I appreciate so much when a reader is kind enough to get in touch. You may be in your eighties but you have a twenty-year old outlook, by the sound of you! More power to you – Roisin xx

  15. Hi, can you tell me if there is a sequel to The Things We do For Love please?

    • Hi Teresa, no sequel to that one (yet); the only ones that follow are One Summer, After the Wedding and I’ll be home for Christmas, in that order. All the others are unrelated. But I did have a soft spot for Audrey, so I wouldn’t rule it out in the future! xx

  16. Roisin
    Just dropping by say what a lovely Autumn read Two Fridays In April was, {l know l am a bit latein purchasing} such warmth and appreciation for the characters. I really can’t wait for the next book coming in out in October. l have it already pre-order on amazon. All l wanted to say really is thank for all the lovely friends l’eve made in reading your books don’t stop writing although l know you need a big break from writing just yet, put your feet up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a good movie.
    kind Regards Siobhan

  17. I’ve just started reading After The Wedding, it was a joy to find its a sequel to One Summer. It’s great catching up with the characters two years on.

  18. Hi Roisin
    I have never wrote to an author before to tell them I love the story, but the ending was so sad. I was so wrapped up in the story and to have it end so tragically. But I do plan on picking up more of your books. I am hooked!

  19. Picked up your book Something in Common purely by chance and have to say I really enjoyed it, now going to get One Summer to read, really looking forward to starting it. Audrey

  20. Hello Roisin, just finished reading your “love in the making” which I borrowed from my local library in Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia. I loved it. Thank you so much for warming my heart. Off to seek out another of your gems tomorrow. Thank you. Jo

  21. I’ve just finished reading One Summer and I couldn’t put it down…my favourite book this summer and a favourite new author. Thank you Roisin for writing this novel, for the smiles and the tears! from a Canadian fan…kind regards Valerie

    • Valerie – music to my ears! Thanks so much, delighted to hear you enjoyed my first Roone book. Check out After the Wedding if you want to meet up with the folks there again, and I’ve just finished the third in the series which will be published around Christmas. Thanks again! Roisin xx

  22. Just finished 2 Fridays in April, enjoyed it immensley, am now looking for more of your books, Cheers.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know, Annette, delighted to hear. Plenty of others to choose from – and next one due out Novemberish (but you need to read One Summer and After the Wedding first, if you want to have all the background info!) Roisin xx

  23. Joan Bennett Klein

    Just finished Semi-Sweet which I found whilst straightening the books in the stacks at my local library here in my little village in New York State where I volunteer. Loved it. I do enjoy a book (my first love ) that includes cooking and baking (my second love). Now of course I will have to look for your other books to read since I enjoyed that one.
    Nice to see too that you are a runner as well. A great way to open your mind and heart to the ideas that are out there wandering around the universe waiting to be adopted.
    Thank you for enjoyable hours and keep writing. Joan

    • Thanks so much, Joan – glad to hear you enjoyed Semi-Sweet. Hope you find Life Drawing for Beginners, which is my only other publication to make it across the Atlantic! Of course all the others are available on Amazon and similar sites – but stay away from Love in the Making and The Things We Do for Love, as they are the same books as the US ones, but with different titles, don’t ask me why! Roisin xx

  24. HI Roisin,
    Absolutley loved Two Fridays in April and have got my mother into reading your books too. We both love all of your books and I always look forward to you next one. Thank you Cheers Christine

  25. Roisin, I love all your books, but my favorite book is “Two Fridays in April”. The plot of this book is perfect. Incredibly intriguing story, which keeps in suspense until the very end. But I have a question for you.) You in a short time has achieved success and recognition readers. What do you think, like whether your books in style to books by Cecelia Ahern or Jojo Moyes? Very much hope your answer!))

    • Many thanks Julia, great to hear you’re enjoying the books. I’m not sure whether my writing resembles either Jojo Moyes or Cecilia Ahern – I rather hoped I had a unique writing style that didn’t resemble any other author! Roisin xx


  27. I met you in the new kingdom bar in Listowel, Roisin, at Writers Week. Tried to offer you a chair, as there was a large crowd around at the poetry readings, but you weren’t able to stay long. You told me that you were mainly read by women readers. I find that rather strange, and intend to find out right away why, as I am hitting for the town this minute to pick up one of your best sellers. I thought that was rather a nice thing that you said to me-” I might be near someone quite famous”- or words to that effect. Well, you were not, thank God. I’m sending you on a complimentary copy of my book ‘THEY PASSED ALONG OUR ROAD’, which I had published last April(2014) by RED HEN PUBLISHING. I have shifted about 1000 copies. , and the response has been good. Hard work, nearly cracked me up. I don’t understand the wonderful disciplined approach by all you famous lady writers, but well done anyway, and keep up the good work. safe home to Clare.
    sincerely, GERALD BYRNE

    • Gerard, flattered that you remembered our brief meeting! Delighted to hear you’re going to give one of my books a go, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it. I’m not sure why most of my readers are female, but I suspect a lot of male readers go for something more gritty and fast-paced than my stories, or prefer non-fiction altogether. Well done on your own literary achievements, it’s certainly hard work for little enough return, but I suppose it’s the love of the act of writing that keeps us going. All the best in the future – Roisin

  28. Hi there Roisin
    I have read and adored all of your books, you have such a lovely way of tapping into the minds of others and telling their story. I’m really writing because I wanted to let you know what a huge effect ‘The Daisy Picker’ has had on me. I am Irish but lived in Australia from when I was a child until finally returning to Ireland a year ago (I’m now 39). The catalyst for it all was that my 18 year relationship and marriage broke down and I made the decision to return to Ireland for a while to help me heal. Its been so beautiful living back here again and doing it alone, as a result I think its made me into a different and more resilient person. I take many little trips around the country by myself, and later this coming week I’m packing up the car and adventuring out to Clare and the coast. I feel a bit like Lizzie 🙂 Any time I’m feeling a bit sad or unsure about my circumstances/who I am/where I fit/what the future holds (my mind….OMG, I know!!!), I read ‘The Daisy Picker’ and it gives me lots of happiness. I just wanted you to know how much it resonated with me and that I try to carry a little of Lizzie’s outlook with me. Honestly, thank you for writing it xx

    • Niamh, thanks so much for telling me your story, and I’m touched that you find The Daisy Picker inspirational. You do sound a bit like Lizzie – I suspect that despite your challenges – and I’m sorry to hear about your relationship breakdown, that must have been very tough – your spirit is an adventurous one, and I wish you all the best in your journey. I’m a big fan of Clare, both my parents come from West Clare, and we spent all our childhood summers there; you should have a good time, with plenty of music! You might be interested to know that the book I’m just polishing off, the one that’s due to be published in time for Christmas, features an Australian character travelling to Ireland in search of something…..you might well find a resonance! Roisin xx

  29. Roisin!heard you on john murrays show this morning.will read your books. best wishes, kathleen

    • Thanks so much, Kathleen – delighted that you’re going to give me a go! Be sure and let me know how you get on; I’m always glad to get honest feedback – Roisin xx

  30. Hi just read One Summer first time I have opened one of your books and was completely entralled and could not put the book down. Going through difficult times at the moment and a real treat for me to lose myself in your book and dream of the Emerald Isle. My library doesn’t have any more of your novels but now I have found details of all your books will place a reservation.
    Many thanks for taking me to a happier place.
    Best wishes

    • Sheena, thanks very much for taking the time to get in touch, and delighted you enjoyed One Summer. The good news is you have two more Roone books to go, one being After the Wedding and the second being the one I’m writing at the moment, as yet untitled and due out this autumn, all going well (and set on the island over Christmas). So sorry to hear you’re having a hard time, I do hope things improve for you. Roisin xx

  31. Hi Róisín,
    I just watched your interview on Ireland AM, it was lovely! I’ve read a good few of your books but my favourite has to be ‘The last week of May’. It’s just the sweetest, most uplifting book! If I ever have spare time (which isn’t often with two small daughters!) I re-read it!
    I’m looking forward to reading your new book!
    Warm regards,

    • Thanks a million, Mary – was very relieved I didn’t put my foot in it on the telly, have a great talent for it usually! Delighted you’re enjoying the books, I have to say I have a soft spot myself for May! Roisin xx

  32. I have just finished Something In Common which I enjoyed so much your books really get to your heart I shall have to pace myself as i read large print from the library roll on the third Roone series Doreen

  33. Linda Sherlock

    I finished Two Fridays in April in the early hours and yet another of your wonderful works which had me clinging to the bedcovers shouting “Don’t do it!” when something dramatic was on the cards. I just loved the way it all came together and the message behind it all. I don’t want to spoil it for other readers but I urge them to get it now! Can’t wait to get to Roone for Christmas. Keep writing!

    • Thanks a million, Linda, I have to say your encouragement is very timely, as I’m having a bit of a slow day here! Will take heart from your comments and launch in again tomorrow! Delighted you enjoyed Two Fridays – Roisin xx

  34. Catherine Muirhead

    Cannot wait, bless you , you are brilliant, catherine xx

  35. Catherine Muirhead

    Please hurry Roisin eith your next book, I am having fierce withdrawal symptoms! ! Hope you are ok, and thanks again for your wonderful books . Oh and by the way I am still craving for a life on Roone, my heart is sore for the place! ! Catherine xx

    • Catherine – Roone will be a fierce crowded place by the time all the ones who want to move there are sorted! Sorry about the withdrawal symptoms, going as fast as I can with the current one. It’s Christmas on Roone, and all hell is breaking loose – help! Roisin xx

  36. Linda Sherlock

    I was supposed to devour Two Friday’s in April as an Easter treat alongside a box of chocolates, even though I have been counting the days since I read the very last of all your “babies” last summer. So what did I do shortly after midnight? Check if it had been released and downloaded it, even though I prefer “real” books.Well, it is World Book Day and I have spent many a good one promoting reading to children and teachers alike both as a teacher and as a Literacy Adviser.Will be listening to you online in the morning if I wake up on time!
    I am totally absorbed but I have to go to sleep! I could quite easily sit up all night and read to the end. Last felt like this aged seven when I got up at some unearthly hour to see if Santa had been and my mum would only let me take a book back to bed which I read in the still of the night. Yet again, you have me craving cake – lemon cake, chocolate cake, birthday cake…. May have to get some tomorrow and partake of some illicit daylight reading at the same time! Thank you Roisin.

    • Linda, you’re as good – or maybe that should be as bold! Delighted you’re enjoying Two Fridays, and sorry about the cake cravings, but honestly, they were only ‘in passing’ cakes, not like that Hannah Robinson who was shoving them into your face! Roisin xx

  37. I have now read four of your books One summer After the wedding which i could not put down.Half seven on a Thursday and Something in commin have enjoyed them all cannot wait for the third in the series at Christmas.

    • Doreen, thanks so very much for your kind comments, delighted that you’re enjoying the books. The third Roone one is coming on nicely, I’m about halfway through! Roisin xx

  38. Jayashree Shyam

    One of the most beautiful books I have read is “After the Wedding. Continue to write these amazing stories.

  39. Hi rosin
    I’m from kiltiernan school and I would like to thank you for coming into are school today. I had a great time listening to you. you are the best author that has ever come into our school
    Thanks Toby

    • Hi Toby, thanks so much for your lovely message, it has just made my evening! I really enjoyed my visit to Kiltiernan School, I’ve been telling all my friends about how great the students are! Hope to see you again sometime. All the best, Roisin xx

  40. Hello,Roisin! Thank you for the wonderful story! Each of your book is filled with love and sincerity. I live in Russia, will you be publishing in our country?

    • Lilya – my first message from Russia! Thanks very much for taking the time, and well done on your excellent English! As far as I know there are no Russian plans for my books, but I will ask the publishers IMMEDIATELY to please arrange something! Thanks again – Roisin xxx

  41. Just read Something in Common and could not put it down. Really enjoyed it. Did not suspect the ending to the last page. Cannot wait to get my hands on some more of your books. Have added you to my list of great writers – Maeve Binchy, Colette Caddle, Patricia Scanlon etc etc. No one can write like my fellow Irish women!

  42. Hi Roisin,

    My name is Oisín and I go to Kiltiernan N.S.
    Our class saw what you posted on Twitter and we are ready for you! Now I am at home practicing my music skills.
    See ‘ya later


  43. Have just finished reading ‘Something in Common’ my introduction to this author. I was enthralled – better than any painkiller! At 84 years young I was given the book when a fall had incapacitated me and found myself enthralled by both characters of Sarah and Helen and their contrasting traits and environments. The style absorbs from page one and the characters come to life and change so subtly as the years pass. Thank you for this and I look forward to reading from the further list I have compiled. I am an avid reader but usually avoid what I see as ‘page turners’. But your style has drawn me in and enlivened nights when the pain might have taken over! Thank you.

    • Nuala, thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed Something in Common. It was probably my most challenging book to write, but I was happy with what came out after a year of struggle. So sorry to hear about your fall – my 86 year old mother fell last year, and even though she didn’t break anything, Thank God, it took her ages to get over it, so you have my full sympathy. I hope you feel better soon, and delighted that the books are keeping you sane! Roisin xx

  44. I have just read OneSummer and could not put it down am going to read After the wedding as soon as i can get it

  45. We have been snowed in for a lot of the last few weeks and my salvation has been reading Life Drawing for Beginners. It’s like a warm bath and glass of wine, it takes you away. Wonderful characters with real lives. I will miss them all Thank you for this wonderful book. I’m off to get another one as soon as the snow stops!

    • Crin, thanks a million, great stuff! (Love the idea of the book being like a warm bath and a glass of wine!) Make sure you don’t look for The Things We Do for Love if you’re hunting more books on Amazon, as it’s practically the same book in its Irish incarnation. Similarly, Semi-Sweet, which was my other US and Canada publication, came out here as Love in the Making. Other than that, knock yourself out! Love the look of all your snow, but kinda thankful it’s on the other side of the Atlantic! xx

  46. I’ve never before felt compelled to write to an author, but….I just finished reading “Life Drawing for Beginners” and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it! Love the way you ordered the narrative, switching back and forth between characters. I was sad when I finished because I immediately missed Audrey, Michael, Jackie and the rest. I read a lot and am often disappointed with some of the books I select. This was a wonderful surprise and special treat, especially when I realized the book was set in Ireland and that you yourself are Irish. My husband and I traveled to Ireland in 2005 and took a 2 week trip around the island. We fell in love with the people and the places we visited. My next plan is to treat myself and order the other books you’ve authored. My best to you and yours…

    • Debra, thanks so much for your lovely comment. I’m delighted you enjoyed Life Drawing for Beginners, and hope you like any others you try. Bear in mind that Life Drawing for Beginners was published in Ireland as The Things We Do for Love, so don’t look for that one! Similarly, my other US and Canada publication, Semi-Sweet, came out in Ireland called Love in the Making, so go for one or the other of those. Other than that, you’ll be pretty safe picking a book to read. Thanks again! Roisin xx

  47. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I’ll keep an eye out for fresh figs. We used to have a fig tree, but the gophers ate the roots, and NO MORE FIGS….

  48. I just finished my first book,written by you. It is Semi-Sweet, and I want to try the muffin recipe in it. I need to know if the figs are supposed to be dry, or fresh.

  49. Have just finished reading Something in Common, really enjoyed it. It was the first time reading one of your novels but not the last! Have just been on Amazon to order three more titles! I am totally hooked on your writing.Thank you for making reading so enjoyable looking forward to your new book too! Pauline xx

    • Pauline, thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch, delighted to hear you enjoyed Something in Common, hope you like the others too – and remember if you’re reading One Summer and After the Wedding to read them in that order! Third in that particular series just begun, and in the meantime Two Fridays in April will be out in March. Thanks again – Roisin xx

  50. Teresa Mc Loughlin

    Just read ‘One Summer’. I couldn’t put it down. I am now a fan and can’t wait to get started on another of your books. Thank you for enhancing my Christmas. Television wasn’t great but my reading material was wonderful

    • Teresa, delighted to hear – and whoever gave you One Summer as a present has impeccable taste! Hope you enjoy the rest when you get your hands on them….you might like to go for After the Wedding, which is a sequel to One Summer, since it’s fresh in your head. Best, and happy new year – Roisin xx

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