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  1. Gillian Taylor

    Just finished “The Book Club” and loved it .
    You invent such wonderful characters and story lines .
    Hopefully you’ll have another book available before long
    Greetings from “Down Under “ Gillian x

    • Thanks a million for taking the time to get in touch, Gillian – delighted you enjoyed The Book Club. I’m working away on the next, and it’s scheduled to hit the shelves for summer 2022, all going well – Roisin xx

  2. Shirley Blackburn

    Hi Roisin, Here I sit in Auckland New Zealand at almost 11pm having just finished reading The Book Club…today! Absolutely loved it and didn’t want it to end ( would love a follow up) but know this has only recently been published.
    I am an avid reader and I love your writing..have read 2 of your other books, and not sure why I’ve only recently discovered “you”! For some reason reading stories set in Ireland resonates with me…maybe my Irish heritage as I had family from Galway and Cork emigrate to NZ in the 1860s and have visited those places.
    Thank you for such brilliant writing that obviously gives joy to a lot of people.

    Best wishes,

    • Thanks a million for your lovely message, Shirley, delighted to have been discovered! I haven’t made it to NZ yet but I have a cousin who went there to work as a nurse and married a local doctor and stayed, so you never know! Roisin xx

  3. Marguerite Mulhall


    Good evening

    I was introduced to you as an author by Bridge Book Store Wicklow Town

    I am a late reader however since starting with the Late Emma Hannigan introduced to you from bookshop

    excellent books can’t wait for the next book. currently reading Something in Common


    • Thanks a million for taking the time to get in touch, Marguerite – delighted you’re enjoying the books. Thanks to Bridge Book Store for the introduction! Roisin xx

  4. Hi Roisin just wanted to say I’ve just finished reading Love in the making. I really enjoyed it and am just about to start on The Reunion.I really like your style of writing and am thoroughly enjoying working my way through your books. Thankyou. Kind regards Angela Corby

    • Thanks so much for getting in touch, Angela – I’m delighted you’re enjoying the books. Just be aware that Love in the Making and The Things We Do for Love were both published in the US under different titles – Semi-Sweet and Life Drawing for Beginners, so don’t do what a few other readers did and go for the same book twice! I wish they wouldn’t do that……..but enjoy any others you find! Roisin xx

      • Thanks for the warning Roisin.Imenjoyibg The Reunion but eillve mindful of what you’ve said.Thanks Angela x


    Hi again, Roisin – I just left you a comment under “Talk to Me”. I am really looking forward to your new release “The Anniversary” in June! I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts about a possible return to Roone in the future. I think that set of four books has left me with a real desire to return, again, to Ireland. All the best, and as always, stay safe, healthy and happy!

  6. Hi there,
    I just finished reading “It’s That Time of Year” and wanted to tell you how much I loved getting to know Annie and her friends and family. You know you’ve really enjoyed it when you feel a little sad when you finish because you’ll miss the characters who have become “friends”-lol! In a year of not being able to travel and probably another yet to come before international travel is recommended, a little reminder of the Ireland I’m missing so much was just delightful. I’m getting ready to start the Roone series to continue my Irish dreaming.

    Thank you for the great escape.
    Best wishes and happy writing,

    • Thanks so much Deirdre, delighted you enjoyed It’s That Time of Year, my lockdown book! Hope you like the Roone quartet, and hope you get back here soon – fingers crossed. Roisin xx

      • I’ve just seen it’s Deidre….not Deirdre. Very unusual. Sorry for getting it wrong – I”m guessing it’s not the first time it’s happened! R x

      • No worries Roisin. When my mom left the r out of my name my grandmother never got over it-lol! After visiting many coffee cafes in Ireland and never having to spell my name out (such a treat!) I’ve considered adding the r myself. Of course after 60 years of not having it it would probably hard to break that to family😬

  7. Hi Roisin,I have just finished reading all 4 books based on Roone. I absolutely loved them and each and every character.Will you be doing any more to follow on.I really hope so.Thanks in advance [hopefully ].In the meantime I will be trying some of your other books.
    Kind regards Angela Corby

    • Hi Angela, thanks a million for getting in touch, delighted you enjoyed the Roone series, and I’d say I’ll be going back there at some stage – can’t seem to stay away! I’ll just give them a chance to find new storylines…….Roisin xx

  8. Hi Roisin, I just finished “The Restaurant” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just fell in love with all the characters and I just love your writing style. I’ve gone and purchased some of your books online(8 of them from the book depository). Some older ones are hard to locate but I’ll keep trying. I’m from Abbeyfeale myself so Listowel is only back the road and I teach in Limerick City so was delighted to find a writer so close to home. I hope you are keeping well in this very challenging times. Marina x

    • Ah Marina, thanks a million, delighted you enjoyed The Restaurant, and hope you like the others. Just bear in mind that two were published in the US and the titles were changed – so Love in the Making is the same book as Semi-Sweet, and The Things We do for Love is the same as Life Drawing for Beginners. I don’t know why they give me that headache, but I feel obliged to point that out all the time! Best, and happy reading – Roisin xx

  9. Just read Two Friday’s in April – not sure how I found it. I expected it to be a ‘nice’ book – pleasant but not special. But I really loved it and intend to read your others. I am a writer of non-fiction. I camecyo writing late after a different career. I dabble in fiction, not too well, but I recognise excellent writing when I read it. Thank you.

    • Janet, thanks a million. I read your first phrase and was almost afraid to go on! I’m delighted you enjoyed Two Fridays in April, and I appreciate your taking the time to let me know. I came late to writing too – I was over forty when my first novel was published. Never too late! Roisin xx

  10. I have just read Something In Common and loved it. Is there a sequel???
    Starting the Anniversary now

    • HI Mary, thanks very much, delighted you enjoyed Something in Common, the most challenging of my books to write, but the one that gave me the most satisfaction…..I’m afraid there isn’t a sequel, but a character from it puts in an appearance in After the Wedding. Hope you enjoy The Anniversary – Roisin xx

  11. Hi again Roisin, I just finished “The Street Where You Live”, and once again you’ve outdone yourself! In particular, I enjoy getting to know you a bit through your “Author’s Note”. It seems we travel on somewhat similar paths: as a youngster I took piano lessons for about six years, but it turns out I have a fairly good ear and never did learn how to read music properly but can play ragtime by ear after memorizing a piece. (I also play banjo for my own amazement!) Also, I have sung in many community choruses with a fairly decent tenor voice, (so this book really resonated with me), and have performed in many musicals; my favorite – playing Fagin in “Oliver”! I am now looking forward to starting “It’s That Time of Year” and have ordered five others! I say again, YOU’RE THE BEST!! Thank you for making my day!
    Don (in New Hampshire, USA)

    • Don – thank you so much for your cheery messages, and sounds like you’re quite the music maker! I wish I had the talent, but it seems my strength is more in the written word! I can sing though – even more tunefully after a few glasses of Guinness! I love all those old musicals, my father had all the vinyl soundtracks so we grew up with them. Delighted you’re enjoying the books too! Roisin xx

  12. Hi Roisin, once again you’ve done it!! I just finished “The Anniversary” and am about half way through “The Reunion”. And each time I pick up the book, I feel as though I’m coming “home” to places and people that are so masterfully described that I feel I know them! YOU ARE THE BEST! I’m looking forward to starting “The Street Where You Live” and then “It’s That Time of Year”. Then what? I think I’d better “get my rear in gear” and order some more! Thanks a million for instilling a love of reading – of your books, of course! Stay safe, healthy and happy!

    • Don – once again YOU’VE done it, cheered up my whole day! Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I’m delighted you’re enjoying the books and long may it last! Stay safe and healthy yourself – and of course happy too! Roisin xx

  13. Katherine Spillane. Sydney, Australia

    Hi Roisin, I just might be a bit of a read-aholic (ok, more than just might be!) and I have so enjoyed reading One Summer (and I laughed out loud at the unexpected ending!) followed by After the Wedding. I love the way you write – it evokes memories of people such as Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher, two of my favourite authors. Looking forward very much to receiving the next books in the Roone series, already ordered of course!. Best wishes Katherine

    • Katherine – thanks so much for getting in touch, I”m delighted you’re enjoying the Roone series, hope you like the next (and the one after that!) Very flattered by the comparisons to Maeve and Rosamunde, also favourites of mine. Happy reading! Roisin xx

  14. Dear Roisin, I have been an avid reader all my life (I’m now 72) but have never thought about contacting the author. However, I’ve enjoyed your books so much that I felt I just had to let you know. I think I have now read all of them having just finished It’s That Time of Year and although I don’t re-read anything I think your books will be an exception.
    Keep up your wonderful work, with best wishes, Margaret .

    • Margaret, thank you so much for your kind words, I’m truly honoured to be the first author you’ve contacted. Rest assured we love to get messages like yours – it gives us fresh heart to keep going! Delighted you’ve enjoyed the books so far, well done for finding them all. Next up is The Book Club which I’m currently polishing up, due out in June, all going well. Thanks again Margaret – Roisin xx

  15. I’ve just finished reading my first ever book by you – It’s That Time of Year – and it certainly won’t be my last. It is a lovely book, well written, with some lovely characters.
    I’ve been a fan of Sheila O’Flanagan, Patricia Scanlan and Maeve Binchy for many years and I’m now happy to say I will be adding you to my list of favourite authors.
    It’s interesting that I’ve only just come across you as an author because, I have also just discovered that some of my ancestors came from Limerick. My husband (Phil Flannery) also has ancestors from the area and it is our intention to visit Phil Flannery’s Bar sometime soon.
    With kind regards,
    Lorrie Flannery

    • Thanks a million Lorrie, delighted you found me! I’m very flattered to join that list of writers. There are two Flannery’s bars that I know of in Limerick, and I know one is Gerry Flannerys, so maybe the other, which is relatively new, is Phil’s. Do let me know if you’re passing through Limerick – I’ll put the kettle on! Roisin xx

  16. Hello
    First time reader of your books. Read and lived I’ll be home for Christmas ! Well done, I’ll be getting some of your other stories! Keep up the great characters:)

    • Thanks Kerri, glad you enjoyed it! That books is actually part of a series about the lives of the islanders….it’s book 3 of 4, so the one that follows it, if you want to stay on Roone, is The Birthday Party. Roisin xxx

  17. Another wonderful book. Just finished It’s That Time of Year, did not want it to end. You really have a gift. I have loved all your books and the characters really grow on you. Thank you, please keep writing.

  18. Hi Roisin,
    I just finished reading “One Summer” and enjoyed it thoroughly. I felt like a fish nibbling on something tasty as you slowly reeled me in! I couldn’t put it down. I was especially delighted to read in your comment above that it is the first in a series!! As soon as I finish this communique to you, I’m going to order the other three – Merry Christmas to me from me! Thanks so much. You’re a treasure.
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!

  19. Hello Roisin ,I finished “That time of year “ yesterday .I loved it and the ending was just what I hoped for .
    Please keep on writing ,Kind regards Gillian TAYLOR

  20. Hi Roisin,

    Have just read your book that time of year, just loved it 😁especially in the times we are living in it’s a little bit of escapism. Great read, gave to my Mum she read it in 3 evenings and keeps raving about how much she loved it. So have her Christmas present sorted ( ordered 3 more of your books 😁) keep up the good work and stay safe . Love Jackie xx

    • Jackie, thank you so much, delighted you both enjoyed it, and thanks for investing in more! Just a word of caution because it’s not flagged up on the books, but four of them are a series, same characters and same island location. They can be read separately but just in case you ordered more than one, it would be better to read them in sequence, which is One Summer, After the Wedding, I’ll be Home for Christmas and The Birthday Party. Other than that, hope you enjoy! xx

  21. Hi Roisin, you are a new author to me and I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Restaurant! You are clearly someone who has a real interest in people and your story is all about love, kindness and forgiveness. So I was a little surprised at your reference to ‘someone eager to help her to find God or Jehovah’ on pg 243. I thought you might be interested to know about the many kinds of voluntary work Jehovah’s Witnesses do : https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=502018515&srcid=share
    I’m sure you’re very busy but this link is worth a look. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Best regards,

    • HI Dana. Many thanks for taking the time to get in touch, and I’m glad you enjoyed The Restaurant. The comment you refer to was spoken by one of my characters, and clearly doesn’t reflect my own thinking….also, the character didn’t actually say anything negative about any religion; the phrase is simply part of her stream of consciousness as she wonders who might be ringing her doorbell. I would be very sorry if you took offence at it, and clearly none was meant. Best, Roisin x

  22. Hi Roisin, its Kim from New Zealand , wanted to write and thank you so much for your latest book, The restaurant , I am half way through reading it and so far, its such a wonderful book, and it even mentions New Zealand in it :),. I have loved reading your books since I found “One Summer” this was the first book I read of yours and since then,, I have read everything I can find that you write, thank you, and hope you are coping through these strange times 🙂

    • Kim, thanks so much for your lovely message, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed The Restaurant, along with a few more of the books, great to get the positive feedback, means a lot. (Must admit I had to do a search through the book to find my mention of NZ – found it!) I’m managing fine thanks – luckily my working life has changed not at all since covid-19 descended on us all! Stay safe xxx

  23. Robin Leigh Simpson

    Hello Roisin, I am not one to write to authors, but I have just spent the last 3 weeks devouring your books, I have read the majority of them & they have kept me from going bonkers during this summer of the Pandemic. Thank you for such great stories. Robin

  24. Hi Roisin,
    Haven’t got to read The Restaurant yet but really looking forward to it.
    Just wondering if you’ll be continuing the ‘Roone’ series as I really enjoyed each and every one of those books, loved the interesting plot, the depth of characters and also the beautiful island setting.
    Please, please don’t rule out another one…..many thanks, you’re an amazing talent.
    best regards
    Margaret Bradley. 😊

    • Margaret, thanks so much, I’m delighted you’re enjoying the Roone series. I think I’ll be shot if I don’t write another, but it mightn’t be for another while, I need to recharge my Roone batteries! It will come though…….Roisin xx

  25. I just finished The Restaurant. Loved every word and am so sad to be finished with it! I already miss Emily, Bill, Heather, Astrid and more. Thank you for sharing the gift of your writing with us.

  26. Karen Murphy

    I have loved all your books. I am reading and loving The Restaurant now. Torn between
    binge reading and savoring it so it will last longer. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift with us readers. I’m sure it isn’t always easy, but please keep on writing–love your books

    • Thank you so much Karen – I love what I do, and like everything it’s not always easy – butmessages like yours are great to keep me going, and very welcome! xxx

  27. Linda Sherlock

    Thank you Roisin for another fantastic novel. I have just finished The Restaurant and I loved it. It has brought so much cheer into my life when all around seems to be doom and gloom. I have enjoyed all your books and I am just so glad I discovered ‘One Summer’ in my local library one summer! I loved the Roone books but I now think we need another trip back to The Food of Love restaurant. Talking about food, have you ever thought about doing a cookery book as I have noticed the lovely mouthwatering descriptions of food in so many of your novels? Great name for Bill’s dog by the way! Can’t wait for your October offering as I usually have to wait for my birthday in June for your latest offering and I love a book at Christmas.

    • Linda, lovely to hear from you again. I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed The Restaurant – and you’re not the first to request a sequel, so I’ll certainly consider it. A few people have asked me if I’ve thought about writing a book set during the pandemic, but I’m not sure too many would want to read it! I think I’d prefer to offer feelgood escapes from the challenges of life….Happy birthday to you – if you told me the date I’m afraid it’s forgotten, I have the memory of a goldfish! And yes, not long to wait till It’s That Time of Year hits the shelves…..Roisin xx

  28. Gilliam Taylor

    Hello Roisin I have just finished reading your new book “The Restaurant “ and as usual loved it .I am very pleased that you have a new book that will be published in October ,can’t wait .
    Kind regards Gillian

  29. Lauren Banfield

    The loss of sleep was totally worth it! I just wondered how you plan your amazing writing. Do plan out each chapter or just write and see what happens? Also how long does a book take you to write, roughly? Lauren x

    • I’d never start a book without a plot. Not very detailed, just a couple of pages with the main plot points, and the ending. The story could change as I wrote, but still wouldn’t start without a plot. I usually write a book a year, so first draft of around 100,000 words would take between 5 and 7 months, and then maybe another couple of months editing and fine tuning. Roughly eight or nine months work in total, in between my editor reading, and the copy editor and proofreader doing their things. I would say too though that you need to read a lot – you mentioned that you don’t, and I think you have to be a consistent reader to be able to write. Good luck!

      • Lauren Banfield

        Ah OK great, that’s so helpful thanks. I used to read a lot more, just struggled for time in the last year or so. But I am getting back into it during quarantine!

      • Glad to hear you’re getting back in. There are so many wonderful books out there! xx

  30. Lauren Banfield

    Hi there,
    I wanted to get in touch with you for 2 reasons. Firstly to complain for how much sleep your book took from me! Many nights I said I’d read a chapter or 2 from ‘something in common’ and then before I knew it, it would be 2am. As a 20yr old uni student, I don’t read much but your book kept me off Netflix every night. I felt so attached to the characters that I couldn’t put it down and cried my eyes out. Secondly to thank you. I’ve always liked the idea of writing but never given it serious thought. But your book has inspired me to write my first book. So I am going to be spending the rest of quarantine reading more of your books and writing my own. In fact, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?

    Kind regards,

    • HI Lauren, delighted you enjoyed Something in Common (sorry about the lost sleep!) Feel free to ask questions, not that I have all the answers, and I’m currently editing my next book so my free time is limited but I’ll do my best – Roisin x

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