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  1. Alexa Leigh Williams

    I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your Books.I got an Amazon gift card at the end of April,went to browse recently and found you.Have powered through 5 in a week!I can’t put them down.Thank you so much.You are a great discovery and I will spread the word.I am really interested in your characters and literally have to stay up and complete the Story.
    Beat Regards.

  2. Dear Roisin, I bought my first book of yours (The Reunion) last October when I was in Ireland with my son. It was our first time there. Lot’s of first for us :). We loved Ireland so much that we are going back again this coming fall. I now read all your books that I can get here in Canada and love them all. Thank you for sharing your gift and your beautiful country with us all. Please keep them coming. Savy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Savy, delighted to hear you’re enjoying the books, and thanks so much for taking the time to let me know. I’m also very glad to hear you had a good time here, and bon voyage for your return trip. I got as far as Newfoundland a few years ago, had a great time there, but I really must make it to the mainland one of these years! Best, Roisin xx

  3. Hi Roisin, Now I know what you look like. I am looking forward to chatting to you in Limerick Library on 2nd March. Carol x

  4. Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my blog where I wrote about some of your books. I am looking forward to reading your other books.


  5. Hi Roisin. I have almost finished reading ‘I’Lloyd be home for Christmas” – I loved it. Like you, I am a primary school teacher (I taught on Limerick for 3 years in a former life! 2000-2003) and I just finished school yesterday. I have been reading your wonderfully festive novel for two weeks and I do think want it to end. My treat to myself after a long day (3 children under 6 including a set of twins) has been to unwind with a cup of tea and a few pages of “I’ll be home for Christmas”. I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your work and, also, to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas. Niamh x

    • Niamh, thanks a million, delighted you’re enjoying it and thanks for letting me know. A very Happy Christmas to you and yours – sounds like you’ll certainly have a busy one! xx

  6. Hey Roisin , just finished your beautiful story “I’ll be home for Christmas ” I’m devastated it’s ended !! It’s 5.30 in morning could not put it down . I ve fallen in๐Ÿ˜ With Roone and its islanders . This is my first read of yours and it definitely won’t be my last. I’m a Limerick Woman too!! I’ll be busy now for the next while chasing up all of your books , you are an amazing story teller . Can’t wait to get started . Well Done You x Gerardine Ahern

    • Geraldine, thanks a million for getting in touch, delighted you enjoyed I’ll be Home for Christmas, and hope you like any others you try! I’m also delighted that you as a fellow Limerick woman found me – do spread the word! Roisin xx

  7. Hi Roisin just about to start the reunion . My mum and I thoroughly enjoy your novels Looking forward to many more books to follow Sorry for any pressure I only have 2 more to read Greetinga from Australia Best wishes and many thanks Ann Johns

    • Hi Ann, thanks so much for your message,delighted that you’re enjoying the books and hope The Reunion is going down well. In the middle of the next, will hit the shelves on June 1 next year, hope you and mother can hang on! Roisin xx

  8. I just finished “Something in Common” and enjoyed it, until the end. I think having Sarah die instead of actually meeting Helen was very disappointing, and not up to the interest of the rest of the book.

    • Thanks for getting in touch, Bonnie, and sorry the ending disappointed you. You’re not the only person who complained…..I suppose it felt right at the time, and still does, although I didn’t relish doing it! Roisin x

      • I’m looking forward to reading your latest book when it arrives. I’ve read most of your
        previous books and always enjoyed every single one and hope the latest is as good a read as others. I really enjoyed your book The Daisy Picker, a fabulous read.

        Kind regards
        Carol x

        Sent from my iPad

      • Thanks very much, Carol, delighted you’re enjoying the books. Hope the latest doesn’t disappoint! Roisin xx

  9. Read all your books and loved The Reunion. Will pass on to my 2 daughters and then to my 2 granddaughters as usual.

  10. Catherine Muirhead

    Try ordering at your local library Carol, I know it’s nice to have your own copy, I always do, but it’s an option, happy reading x

  11. Carol Holcombe

    Very disappointed today when I went to WHSmith to purchase your latest book only to be informed that they didn’t stock it! Came home very disappointed

    • Carol, so sorry to hear that. I’m assuming you’re in the UK – is there a Waterstones anywhere near? I was under the impression that it was going into WHSmith and Waterstones throughout the UK, but maybe only into the bigger branches. If you fail to find it, you could order it online here http://www.kennys.ie/the-reunion-45.html – they offer free worldwide postage, and are very reliable (I use them all the time if I want to send books overseas.) Hope you get your hands on it! Roisin xx

  12. I agree with Linda. It would be lovely to have a launch in the North West of England. The Reunion was the first book of yours that I read but I am slowly reading your others. Lovely to discover a new author and all the pleasures to come. xx

    • Margi, would only LOVE a NW England launch! Sadly my publishers are Irish-based and not really in a position to arrange that – but if I find myself in that part of the world anytime soon I’ll be sure to let you know, and I can invade your local bookshop! xx

  13. Linda Sherlock

    Just finished The Reunion and yet another cracking novel. I just could not put it down! Like a lovely box of chocolates, I managed to gaze at it lovingly on my bedside cabinet until I just had to read it and devoured it over a few nights. Now the long wait begins for the next one. Only one thing for it; I shall have to read all 13 again. I wish I could “unread” them so I could enjoy them all for the first time again. I do wish you could do a launch in England, preferably in the North West. I would have loved being at your recent launch. It looked such fun!

    • Linda, thanks so much, delighted you enjoyed The Reunion – and wouldn’t I love a launch in England too! If you have any friends in the bookseller industry, see what you can do – if you can get me the premises for the next launch, this time next year, I’ll pay for my own air ticket! xx

  14. I read Semi-Sweet and Life Drawing for Beginners. Such delightful stories! A wonderful escape from all that is happening in today’s world. Will look forward to your other titles.
    Rita in Florida.

    • Thanks a million, Rita – delighted you enjoyed those two. Sadly no others have been published in the US but some have been sighted in branches of Chapters, and all should be on Amazon….happy reading! xx

  15. Just finished Something in Common – my first of your books. I loved the whole concept – what a great read. Fascinated to learn you got the idea from your mother having a pen pal that she, too, never met. Well done indeed. I’m off to the library to root out more of your books. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much, Penny, delighted you’ve discovered the books, and hope you enjoy any others you find. Yes, Something in Common was definitely inspired by Mam – and also by my own penfriend of many years, Anne whom I met in the 80s in Africa, and who has sadly passed away now. We kept in touch for nearly 30 years after I came home from Zimbabwe. xx

  16. Kay Hemingway

    Just finished “I”ll be home for Christmas” Loved it. Please tell me the saga of Roone will continue, can’t bear to say goodbye to them. xxx Kay

    • Ah Kay, aren’t you as good! Delighted you enjoyed my Christmas offering from Roone – and would hate to disappoint you, so I’d be fairly sure we’ll all be getting our ferry tickets for Roone at some stage……! Roisin xx

  17. cannot wait for The reunion love your books .Have read nearly all of them now so it will be nice to have another one to look forward too

  18. Many Thanks Rรณisรญn for your two -day visit to Caherdavin Girls School… Girls really enjoyed your inspiring input and it was lovely for them to see a real LIVE author in action ! Keep rolling out those novels. Can’t wait for “The Reunion” Looking forward to the launch !
    Mary Shearin

    • Mary – the pleasure was all mine! Thanks a million for the invite, I always look forward to visiting the school, girls are a delight and everyone so welcoming. Will keep you posted on upcoming events! xx

  19. Love you so much you came to my school mary queen i loved lisning to your story and i hope you come back love oliviaโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  20. Hi Roisin, One of the volunteers at our locally run community library had been suggesting books I might like to read and your “One Summer” was one she said she could not put down,
    Well, I have now finished it and was captivated by the characters and the story. Felt I knew them personnally! Which are the two books that slightly follow “One Summer”?
    What a wonderful imagination you have for writing.
    Ann Johnson

    • Hi Ann, big thanks to that volunteer! I’m delighted to hear you both enjoyed One Summer. The books that follow are After the Wedding and I’ll be home for Christmas, in that order. Do hope you can track them down, and hope they deliver too! Many thanks for getting in touch – Roisin xx

  21. Paula Campbell


    I have just finished “I’ll be home for Christmas.” I absolutely loved it and didn’t want it to be finished. You definitely need to write a follow on as we need to know what becomes of the characters!

    Thank you for such a wonderful book.

  22. Greetings from the US, Kentucky to be exact. I just finished Life Drawing for Beginners and I’m so sad to have finished it. I want more! I want the rest of everyone’s story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be trying to find more of your books over here. Thanks.

    • Thanks to you, Vee, for getting in touch – love that you enjoyed Life Drawing for Beginners – there may well be a follow-up at some stage, I was sorry to say goodbye to Audrey and Co! Hope you enjoy any others you get hold of – you could try kennys.ie, they’re an Irish bookshop site but they offer free worldwide postage on their books – Roisin xx

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