February 1, 2023 Roisin Meaney

February 2023

Hello everyone,

Happy February. I’m one of those who starts Spring on Feb 1, so as far as I’m concerned winter is a whole nine months away, and summer is only a hop, skip and a jump down the road. Happy days!

I’m writing like the billy-o as my deadline for first draft is March – help! Deadlines sure are a mixed blessing: without one I’m not sure I’d ever have written a word, but they can loom threateningly at times. Still, I’ve made every deadline to date, so I’m fairly confident that this one won’t defeat me.

On the home front, my poor old mother fell when out walking, a week or so ago. She’s a young 94 and loves her walk, so this was a big thing. She spent the rest of the day in her local A&E, where she got stitches to a cut on her temple, a CT scan (clear) and a cuppa, and it was midnight before I brought her home. A miracle she broke nothing. She’s on the mend now, the bruises are healing and the stitches are coming out tomorrow, and if I know her she’ll be back walking before long – and I’d say watching more carefully every step she takes. I just hope I’ve got her spirit and determination if I make it to 94. She’s some woman: we’ll have to have a big hooley for her birthday in July.

Not much else to report. Lovely to see the evenings stretching a bit, and the temperature inching up…..really hoping for a warm and gentle summer this year, with lots of long walks, and beach strolls and swims, and lazy evenings on the patio with cats and friends, and maybe a little glass of something to toast the sunset. I can dream!

Look after yourselves.