February 1, 2022 Roisin Meaney

February 2022

Right, by now we’ve all settled into the new year (haven’t we?) and we’ve breathed the usual collective sigh of relief at the departure of January. Onwards to softer weather and longer days (here in the Northern hemisphere anyway), and hopefully our fair share of sunshine. I’m taking great heart from the buds in the garden, even if the weeds are popping up too, just as hopefully! I’ll do a bit of clearing just as soon as the rain stops….

At the moment I’m in the little holiday cottage in West Clare, enjoying a bit of a breather after handing over the last crop of edits at the end of Jan. I’m currently working on two picture books for small children (it’s my next dream to have books for that age group published) so fingers crossed I get them right, and my agent likes them enough to show them around. On the adult front, I was finally given the go-ahead to reveal my new title and cover, so here we go below: hope it meets with your approval. I really like this cover, love that it’s so different from all the others. I think it’s more modern, and certainly eye-catching with those gorgeous colours. The title’s a bit of a departure too, more open to a reader’s interpretation. Let’s see how it works. Publication date in Ireland and the Antipodes is June 2, after which date it’ll be
widely available in bookshops. It’ll also be appearing in selected UK bookshops, and on all the usual online platforms, and a lot of places are
offering it for pre-order too.

In the meantime, the paperback publication of The Book Club is scheduled for February 17, so if you skipped the trade publication last June and would like to pick it up now in the smaller (and cheaper!) edition, now’s your chance. Wishing you all a good productive month, in whatever direction you take it, and the health to enjoy it.


Life Before Us cover