December 1, 2023 Roisin Meaney

December 2023

Hello everyone,

Wow – can’t believe this is my last post of 2023. Seems like a few weeks ago I was wishing everyone a happy new year and hoping for the best in the year ahead. I hope 2023 was kind to you, with more ups than downs in it. I sold a house this year, and I’m hoping to buy another before too long more, as my holiday home in West Clare is just that – a lovely place to spend a few weeks in the summery parts of the year, but not really geared for winter living. I’m having fun house-hunting, always love to have a nosey around someone else’s home (come on – who doesn’t?) and I’ve seen some delightful places and some not so delightful. Very interesting. I’ve had to call a halt for the time being while Christmas stuff gets attended to, and of course there’s the small matter of needing to deliver a first draft of my next book to my publishers by April 22nd, so that’s definitely taking precedence between now and then. In the meantime I’ve bid on a house, and while my bid wasn’t accepted – too low – there are currently no other bids, so I’m biding my time and crossing my fingers. Watch this space.

In book news, I was thrilled that A Winter to Remember sold really well since publication – a big big thank you to all who invested in it. Five weeks in the top ten, just fell out last week and is sitting at number eleven. Publishers are delighted with sales, so that’s all that matters. Next one is slow to get off the ground but I’m almost at 20k words which is generally the time it begins to bed into my head and the going becomes easier, so here’s hoping. It’s the first of the books to feature just one narrator; that’s taking a bit of getting used to, and also it’s set over several decades, which is making it more of a challenge, but I have great faith that I can do it, so I’ll plod on!

Two Christmas cakes made and on their way today to the respective recipients, two more to do between this and Christmas. A chocolate biscuit wedding cake also being delivered today – is it any wonder the writing is slow!! If you want something done, ask a busy person. I’m going to the aforementioned wedding tomorrow, launching someone else’s book on Sunday, travelling to Kerry later in December to tell stories to tots, visiting a school in Limerick to do the same, and hopefully finding time in between to get my presents sorted and to keep building the word count in the new book. Christmas Day will be in my mother’s house, and around the table will be three brothers, a nephew, myself and Mam, so a respectable crowd. Mam’s job is the ham, and we divvy out the rest between us. It all gets done and onto the table, minor miracle, but then Christmas is a time for miracles. Wishing you all the very best over the festive season, hope it brings peace and joy to all. God knows the world could do with a bit of peace and joy.

Mind yourselves,