December 1, 2022 Roisin Meaney

December 2022

Hello everyone,

Can you believe this year is already drawing to a close? Seems like last month I was making my resolutions (average lifespan six weeks) and hoping for happier times for the world in 2022 …… but it hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory, has it? Violent turbulence in so many parts, Ukraine joining the long list of persecuted countries, climate events reminding us that time is running out for this beautiful planet – and here at home rising prices causing hardship and anxiety, homelessness continuing to worsen, our health care system limping along, and more, and more …. and on a personal note, Dad leaving us in July.  At this stage I will gladly wave 2022 goodbye – I might even give it a small kick to send it on its way a little faster!

Well, I didn’t exactly cover myself in glory at the Irish Book Awards last week either – the honour in my category went to John Boyne, but I had a lovely night catching up with writers I only rarely see, not being one of the Dublin literati. And I got a chance to wear the gúna below, photo credit Ger Holland/ (it’s a little blurry because I’ve blown it up a bit). I’m with the really lovely Sheila O’Flanagan, so supportive of other writers and so funny and chatty too. Bought the dress in Miltown Malbay’s secondhand clothes shop, run by two local women – it’s like an Aladdin’s cave, full of clothes, bric a brac, books, shoes, bed linens, and more. I can never resist a look in when I’m passing. The dress cost me all of €20, first thing I ever bought with sequins on, imagine. I’ll donate it back next time I’m passing, can’t think I’ll get much more wear out of it – and if another posh event comes up, I’ll have a great excuse to go in again and find another bargain!

Not much else to report, apart from going back to do some revisions on the new story, wasn’t completely happy with the direction I’d taken, so I pulled out my plot and basically ripped up a lot of it, took out two characters I felt weren’t really needed and rewrote it without them. Such is the messy shape of a writing life! I’m much happier now, and hopefully on the right track. Fingers crossed, as ever.

Hope December treats you kindly. I always feel myself clenching as it approaches, bracing myself for the crowds and the stress of present hunting and the supermarket queuing, but I never manage to organise things earlier, so I must weather it! I do have a few social events lined up with pals, which will be lovely. Wishing everyone a calm and peaceful Christmas, however humble. Hope you find time to put the feet up and just chill, and recharge for the next crazy year.

Mind yourselves.