The People Next Door

ThePeopleNextDoorCover(Hachette Books Ireland, 2008)

Translations: Danish

For my fourth novel I decided to focus on three adjoining households and explore how their lives interacted over the course of a year. As this book was hitting the shelves in 2008 I made the momentous decision to give up my teaching job and become a fulltime writer – and so far so good. The People Next Door got to number two in the Irish bestseller list, and I’m sure I could have gone all the way if Ann Enright hadn’t been hogging the top slot with The Gathering – how could she! This was the first of my books to be translated into Danish.

In brief: Numbers 7, 8 and 9 of Miller’s Avenue look like any other three houses in any other well-kept neighbourhood. But behind the brightly painted front doors live people whose lives are filled with drama and tension…

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