Life Drawing for Beginners

Life Drawing for Beginners(Grand Central Publishing, 2012)

(previously published in Ireland as The Things We Do for Love)

My first thought on seeing this cover was ‘Oh my, it’s very red’ – but it grew on me, and now I love it. Great to see another baby setting sail across the Atlantic, although sadly my funds didn’t allow a return trip to the US or Canada to see this one being born there. I’ve got lots of friends in both places, not to mention a brother in California and cousins in Toronto, so as soon as time and money allows, I’ll be back.

In brief: When Audrey Matthews offers an evening class in life drawing, all she’s looking for is a little extra pocket money and something to fill her Tuesday nights. She hires a model and recruits her students, and the classes get underway. But by the end of the first term, none of their lives, least of all Audrey’s, will be left untouched…

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