August 1, 2023 Roisin Meaney

August 2023

Hello everyone,

On the last day of July, we’re all feeling a little waterlogged here in West Clare as the rain continues to visit us daily, sometimes hanging around for prolonged periods. Still, it’s Ireland and we’re used to wet summers, and it’s better than the awful heatwaves and wildfires they’re enduring on the continent….so I’m happy to live on our temperate little island, and wait for the occasional sunny day to come along. I’ve also booked a 10-day walking break in Portugal in September, so hopefully that’ll be a little less damp!

Today is Dad’s first anniversary. Doesn’t seem like a year since he left us. Happily, Mam is still doing very well, having celebrated 95 years in the world this month, and showing no sign of wanting to leave it anytime soon. She walks and gardens and reads, and has hung on to the positive outlook she’s always had. Long may she last.

In other news, I made a second batch of grapefruit marmalade today. The first batch tasted good but the pieces of rind clumped together because I’d cut them too thin. Today I didn’t make that mistake – but I think I may have been a little generous with the water, because so far it hasn’t set. I’ll check in the morning, when it’s cooled completely, but I’m not hopeful … Ah well, I can dip my toast into it!

On the writing front I’ve waved a final goodbye to the new book – next time I see it, it will have magically transformed into an actual book, with a cover and all. I was hoping to have the cover to flash here, but although I’ve seen it I haven’t been given the go-ahead to reveal it, so you’ll have to wait another while. Publication date of October 12 seems far away but no doubt it’ll be here in no time.

Look after yourselves; if you’re in Ireland enjoy the long days, whether they’re wet or dry!