April 1, 2024 Roisin Meaney

April 2024

Hello everyone,

Belated Happy Easter – hope everyone who celebrated it had a good time. It’s Easter Saturday as I type this, and the plan is to head to Limerick tomorrow to have dinner with a few family members, and to exchange chocolate eggs. I started Lent with a treats and wine fast, meaning to keep it going till the end. The good news is that I didn’t break the wine fast, but the treats one went belly-up halfway through. I hit a health speed bump and was (and still am) in quite a bit of pain, so I decided I needed treats as a distraction! I’m pretty sure I know what it is, but I still need to see a consultant, so I’m currently waiting on blood test results before getting the appointment. The good news is I can still write, and the checking through of the first draft, which I finished about two weeks ago (hurrah!) is moving along nicely, and it’s looking like I’ll meet my April 22 deadline with a little leeway, which is great.  I’m so looking forward to a week or two of no writing at all – lots of gardening awaits, weeding and planting, so I’m hoping the weather will oblige after what was generally a dire March. The last three days have been good here – I’m afraid I’ve just jinxed it now – so hopefully the timing will work. Great to see all the existing plants leafing up in the garden – can’t believe they survived the deluges of the past few weeks!

In other news I’m still house hunting (I think I mentioned that I was) and there’s an open viewing of a very promising house next Saturday, so kindly cross all fingers and toes. Hope the sun is shining where you are, and wishing you all a happy and healthy April.

Mind yourselves,