April 1, 2022 Roisin Meaney

April 2022

Hello everyone,

Happy April to you. I love when we get a foothold into the year, especially here in Ireland, when the days are getting some real length into them, and the weather – touch wood, touch wood – is being perfectly spring-like. As I look out, I see blue skies and sunshine, even if the wind would take the nose off you if you gave it half a chance! Pile on a few layers and it’s ideal walking weather. Today is day 90 of the Twitter #100daysofwalking challenge; can’t believe there are only 10 to go. Of course I’ll try to keep it up after day 100, but I’d say there’s a good to very good chance I’ll fall by the wayside eventually! The image below shows Fred, my best boy, snoozing on my jigsaw when I brought the kitchen table outside a few days ago; miraculously, he didn’t dislodge a single piece!

I’ve just this minute sent back the proofread document of Life Before Us. I have a tiny bit more work to do – dedication, acknowledgements, etc – but to all intents and purposes it’s done and dusted. Believe me, it’s a wonderful feeling. I usually celebrate with a little retail therapy – nothing too outrageous; once it was a three-pack of new knickers in TKMaxx! – but it’ll have to wait a bit, as I’m heading to Clare tomorrow for a few days, and I need to pack my bag and organise things. The shops will still be there . . .

Next up is a sequel to one of my earlier books, set at Christmas. It’s not scheduled till Christmas 23, but I’ve decided to write it now so I can free myself up for something new. Not sure what that might be yet, but I just feel I need to clear the decks…so over the next few weeks I’ll be putting a Christmas plot together – I’m actually rereading the book in question, so refresh my memory – and then I’ll be writing over the summer and autumn. All good.

Hope everyone’s feeling well and happy. If the last two years have taught me anything – I think they’ve taught me loads, actually, but one of the biggest things is how important my health is. I take it so much for granted…..and if anyone reading this is under the weather, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Mind yourselves.