Remember me?


I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t – I’ve just seen, to my shame, that my last post here was in AUGUST of last year!! I knew it had been a while but I had no idea it was that long….hopefully some of you will be able, after some thinking, to recall who I am!

So what’s been happening? Well, I wrote another book for starters! Delighted to report that The Street Where You Live will shortly (around June 8) be hitting bookshop shelves all over Ireland and beyond – should be appearing in Australia and New Zealand around that time too, and HOPEFULLY it won’t be long before it’s available online, both as a ‘proper’ book and in e-format. As ever, if you live outside Ireland and want to get your hands on a copy, do check out – they offer a great service, competitive pricing and free worldwide postage so worth keeping them in mind. They don’t do pre-ordering, so the book won’t appear until it’s been published, but it should be up then or soon afterwards.


I can also report that The Reunion was published in the smaller paperback format about six weeks ago and is selling nicely. So it’s all go. The photo at the top of this post was taken at a recent reading I gave in a great space in Limerick that plays host to arts events, as well as facilitating its own stuff. It’s called Narrative 4, it’s part of a worldwide movement which aims to promote empathy through story-sharing, and it’s well worth checking out too …

I’m working on the next book as we speak – well, I was up to five minutes ago! What I can tell you at this stage is it’s called The Anniversary, and it centres around a family that comes together in unusual circumstances over a long weekend…..early days, I have yet to reach the ten thousand word mark, but so far so good. Destined to be published around this time next year, all going well.

sneak 16.32.31

If you live in Limerick or anywhere near, you are cordially invited to the official launch of The Street Where You Live, which will take place on Wednesday June 14  at 6.30 in the wonderful O’Mahony’s Bookshop. The launches are always good fun,  I get great support from my brilliant friends and family – and I’m planning an after-launch bash in Chez le Fab, a great buzzy cafe/wine bar down the road from the bookshop.

That’s about it for now – time to put the feet up and sign off for the day! Be good, mind yourselves,

Roisin xx

About roisinmeaney

Writer for adults (general fiction) and children. Storyteller. Creative writing workshopper. Child-friendly.

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  1. I can’t wait for your next book. You are wonderful!!💕💕

  2. Fabulous, news, Roisin! xo

  3. Carol F. Carley

    Delighted to see you back here again.

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