Sorry for shouting, but with fifteen days to go till I see The Reunion on the bookshop shelves, I’m like a cat on a hot griddle! Book number thirteen, and I have myself convinced that this will be the one that breaks all records! (And yes, I did think that about all the others too, but I was wrong, OK?) At any rate, do let me know if you spot it in your local bookshop, could be a few days before the official publication date of July 1 – first sighting, complete with photo, gets a chocolate reward! And if you’re in Australia you should be seeing it soon too, my Irish publishers tell me it’s got the same publication date of July 1, but something tells me it might be slightly later…..and UK readers, I’m told that my books go into the bigger bookshops like WH Smith and Waterstones, so you may not find me in your smaller local bookshop (but you could always ask!!)  I’ll be in the Irish and UK libraries in due course, so you can hunt me down there – and as usual The Reunion will be on sale in book and e-book formats on the usual online sites in the hopefully not too distant future – don’t forget to try http://www.kennys.ie which offers free worldwide postage (not sure if they do e-books though). And that’s the end of the business talk!

I’ve moved on. Writing books is like working in the fashion industry; you always have to be thinking ahead – and since I sent the manuscript of The Reunion back to Hachette for the final time (there is NOTHING like the sense of relief when that happens) I’ve been trying to come up with a plot and a structure and characters for the next. I recently signed a new three book deal (thanks Hachette!) and the first draft of the first one has a deadline of January ‘or sooner if possible’ (ed) which doesn’t give me a lot of time. But I think the plot is almost there, so (deep breath) I’m about to begin writing the narrative. Always a daunting time, with a word count of zero, and all those as yet unwritten sections and chapters stretching out ahead, all the hours and days and weeks of head-scratching and tentative paragraphs and scribbling out and rewriting and sleepless nights while I work out the next part….so I try not to think too much about what hasn’t yet been done, and focus on what has. I have a main character, a woman in her 50s, and I’ve pretty much formed her fully, with a history and a family and a sort-of storyline…I say sort of because I like my plots to be loose, with not too much decided. I have an idea of the ending but I prefer the story to find its own way as I go along, rather than have it set in stone from the start. So – fingers crossed that number fourteen comes out right!


My wonderful mother gets home from California today, after two weeks of holidaying with one of my brothers who lives there. We’re currently waiting for another brother to collect her from the airport. Mam is nearly 88 with the outlook of a 20 year old, so we’ll be dying to hear all her news from across the Atlantic. Hope I’m that lively when I hit my eighties! Dad will be 90 in September, and while his health is very good considering his age, he doesn’t have nearly as much get up and go as Mam, so he happily stayed at home and enjoyed the peace and quiet while she was away!

And finally . . . an invitation to anyone close enough to pop into O’Mahony’s bookshop in Limerick for the big celebration:

The Reunion launch invitation-1

All are welcome, the more the merrier – and I’ll organise some nibbles in a nearby hostelry afterwards. Love to see you there!

Roisin xx




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  1. cannot wait for The Reunion.Always ready for a new book from you

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