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chickHello all, it’s the first day of March and I’m currently sitting on the patio of the apartment I’m staying in on the island of Lanzarote, and it’s FREEZING! I came here last month to put the finishing touches to The Reunion (which I’m happy to report has been done, and my editor is currently reading it – wak!) and the weather has been mostly dire, I’m afraid. Didn’t bother me much while I was working – although I would have preferred to be looking out at sunshine) but now, with time on my hands, I’m a little put out that the sun has got its hat on, or off, whichever means it ain’t visible to this naked eye. But in the grand scheme of things it’s a small problem, so I won’t complain (much)…

Sad news from home the other day, a young cousin of mine died. It hadn’t been unexpected – poor Olivia had cerebral palsy, and was very debilitated, but she had been a much loved only child, and we’re saddened that she’s no longer with us. Her Dad John, a wonderful man, died suddenly himself a few years ago, only in his forties. He’d had a congenital heart condition and so his early death, while shocking, had always been a possibility too. I like to think Olivia is with him now, as he was devoted to her. His widow Mary, Olivia’s mother, will be devastated at having lost both of them. Some people get very raw deals in this inexplicable place in which we find ourselves.

On a happier note, I’ve just completed a picture book for young children – well, I had to do something after I’d sent off The Reunion, particularly as the sun wasn’t luring me out onto the sunbed. I’d been working on and off on the picture book for a while, in between the adult stuff, so this is my latest draft. I’ve sent it off to my agent who will read and give me her feedback, but I have a hopeful feeling about this incarnation: I think I might have finally got it right…watch this space!

So I’m heading back to Ireland in a few days, where apparently it’s even colder than here – wonderful! I’ll be dying to meet my little kittens, Fred and Ginger, again – they went on their holidays to the home of a lovely couple who had kindly agreed to take them in while I was gone, and who I know are spoiling the kitties rotten…I’m terrified they won’t want to come back to me! But it’s always good to get home, isn’t it, even if the holiday’s been wonderful? Back to the comfort of your own bed, and your own kitchen, and your own slippers…..Lord, I sound about ninety!

Better stop – I see a tiny patch of blue in the sky – must make a dash for the bikini before it disappears again!

Have a happy March, everyone! Roisin xxx

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    Hi Roisin I read your third Roone book over Christmas. And it was great to be back there. I know I asked you for this third book, but now I think you shouldn’t stop. There is still such a lot open and ready to go on in a forth book. Perhaps I like this Roone stories so much because Inis Mór, the biggest of the Aran Islands, is a kind of second home for me. I have friends there and visit them every year, being part of the Island life for a certain time. Greetings from Switzerland Cornelia

    • Greetings to you, Cornelia, and thanks a million for getting in touch. I honestly don’t know if there will be another Roone book – I do love writing about the island and its people, but I’m terrified I’ll overdo it for readers! I’m delighted to hear you want more, and I probably will think about Roone again sometime in the future…watch this space! Roisin xx

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