One week to go….

So it’s finally (nearly) here! I’ll Be Home for Christmas is one week away from hitting a bookshop shelf (or internet site) near you – and the great news is that this one will be joining Two Fridays in April on Australian bookshop shelves too! I’m delighted that Hachette Australia are taking a second book – particularly as the story features Tilly, who is travelling from Australia to Ireland for Christmas: and the cover they gave it made me smile: a beach scene for a Christmas book!


Apparently readers in Australia (and maybe further afield?) who might not find it in their local bookshop can purchase the book or the e-book online from The Irish cover is still showing there but I’ve been told it will soon be changed. My fingers are tightly crossed that this one goes down well; this is always an anxious (ie terrifying) time until the reviews come in … but please do get in touch and let me know what you think – all feedback is valuable.

In other writing news, I’ve begun working on the next (number thirteen – eeek!) which has a school 20-year reunion as its theme, and which features two sisters who ended up in the same Leaving Cert year, and whose lives have taken very different turns to the ones they’d envisaged as schoolgirls.  Early days yet, but so far so good. It’s always a relief when you feel you’re getting to grips with a book, when you begin to bond with the characters and they start to shape the course of the story…and I feel I’m just getting to that stage with this one now. Watch this space!

On the home front, my lovely 87 year old mother got a knee replacement in August – she’s been crippled with arthritis for the past two years – and so far so good. She’s getting the second one replaced in November, so hopefully all will be well. She’s a born optimist, and is coping with this challenge bravely, bless her.

Hope you’re all well and happy, and have enjoyed summer (or winter, if you’re reading this on the other side of the equator!) Summer in Ireland this year was certainly …. interesting, which is putting it kindly, but so far autumn has been lovely, so we’re living in hope of a mild winter. Always a lot of guesswork involved with our weather!


Roisin xx

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