And now for my next trick . . .

Greetings, everyone – hope you’re all in fine fettle and looking forward to the summer (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). I’ve been busy since I last wrote, mainly writing the next book, but also training hard for the half marathon event in the annual Great Limerick Run, which happened last weekend. The good news is that I didn’t expire, but boy did I feel every one of those thirteen miles…and I have to confess that the last three were a mix of brisk walking and slow running. I seriously ran out of puff – and it didn’t help that the rain came down in sheets and totally drenched us. But I made it across the finish line in 2 hours and 8 minutes, which was roughly what I’d been expecting, and duly collected my medal. (Think the half marathon boys got the pink ribbon too – nice equality there!!) And then I had a medicinal glass of red wine at the nearest hostelry, where a few runner pals had gathered. (MEDICINAL.)

GLRBut back to the new book. It’s pretty much there – I’d say I have less than 10 pages to go – and then I’ll go back to the start and trawl through it again, tidying up any messy bits and making sure it all gels together properly. Then it’s off to my editor and a few weeks of a break before the verdict comes back. It’ll be lovely to have the break – feel like I’ve been writing since the year dot! This next one, to remind you, is the third story set on the island of Roone, and it takes place in the middle of winter – it spans eight days around Christmas – so it’s very different in flavour from the other two midsummer Roone ones. Hopefully you’ll like it! It should be hitting shelves around October/November – and of course Two Fridays in April will be putting in an appearance in September as a smaller size paperback (also available in Tesco in this size), so it’ll be all go in the autumn.

Right, better get back to it – this won’t get those last pages done and dusted! Look after yourselves, thanks for your lovely messages and feedback; you honestly don’t know what it means.

Roisin xx

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  1. so glad you have nearly finished your next roone book cannot wait for it to come out

    • Doreen, thank you so much for your lovely comment. You don’t have too long to wait for the third Roone book, it should be hitting the shelves in the autumn. Have a good summer in the meantime! Roisin xx

  2. Hi Roisin,
    Congratulation on your run.
    Loved Two Fridays in April and sorry to come to the end. Thank you for another fabulous book and look forward to the next one.

  3. Wow, Roisin, that’s a really good time for all those miles. Well done! Love, hugs and high fives, Myra xx

  4. Hi Roisin, well done on the run, I couldn’t even run for a bus these days so I really envy, and admire, you girls who do these runs (and the guys of course)Can’t wait for the book, it seems such a long time, but I know it will be worth it.Get it finished and enjoy your break. Love to you xxx Liz

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    • Many thanks Liz, that was my first, and probably my last, half marathon, or run of any kind! I’ve got a dicky hip – a childhood injury that wasn’t treated properly – and I don’t think I did it any favours by subjecting it to the training, it definitely got more twingy over the last few months, so I’m going to go back to walking, which I can enjoy with a clear conscience! Delighted you enjoy the books – Roisin xx

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