Summer Days, Drifting Away…


‘A grand stretch to the evenings’…..I’ve always loved that Irish saying. As I type it’s 9.21pm and still fully bright outside. I have just mowed my lawn (it’s teeny – took about 15 minutes) and I’m about to hunker down and watch a Saturday night movie. What an action-packed life I lead…

Yesterday was a little action-packed: I went to Dublin to meet my new agent and my editor – two different meetings with a couple of hours in between which I had no problem filling in the shops. More window-shopping than actual though – this was my main purchase:


I never go to Dublin without picking up Percy. Anyway, my new agent is lovely. Her name is Sallyanne Sweeney and she’s Irish but works in Mulcahy Associates in London, and even though she looks about TEN she’s very much on the ball, and I have no doubt we’ll do great things together. And my equally lovely (and also very on the ball) editor, Ciara Doorley, is just off on maternity leave with her first baby, so great excitement there. I wish her all the very best.

It was my mother’s 86th birthday on Tuesday, so I cooked dinner for a handful of family. Mam is feeling a lot better lately – she’s been having a tough time of it with arthritis that struck out of nowhere and totally crippled her, but she’s taking all sorts of home remedies – cider vinegar, molasses, epsom salt baths – and they seem to be doing the trick. She’s still not able to bend – her knees are very iffy – which means her beloved gardening is out, but she’s not in pain and able to walk short distances, so she’s grateful for that. We’re heading to County Clare tomorrow to the little village where she grew up, to celebrate her brother’s 80th birthday. He’s a retired priest and living in the US but he comes home each year for a few months and stays in the house he bought for granny before she died. Should be a good one – Uncle Mike is very jolly. With the family commitments and my day in Dublin I’ve been based in Limerick all week, but I’m heading back down to the mobile home on Monday, hope the weather continues to behave.

On the writing front, I’ve passed the halfway mark with the latest offering, which is psychologically HUGE – I swear I sleep better every time this happens: it’s like my subconscious heaves a big sigh of relief and relaxes. That’s not to say I’m out of the woods, there are still thousands of words to go, but the hump has been scaled, and I’m coming down the other side. Wheeeeeeeeee! Oh, and I can reveal that the title has been agreed: Two Fridays in April. The cover is being designed at the moment and I should get a look in a couple of weeks, can’t wait.

Right, it’s movie and popcorn time. Hope you’re having a delightful summer (or winter), wherever you are

Roisin xx

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  1. Hi Roisin.
    Always look forward to a new book from you. Everyone of your books I’ve loved so will be keen to read the next one.
    Take care

  2. Maria Gilchrist

    Lovely hearing ur news Roisin, looking forward to your new book. I am a new to your books but now can’nt put them down, ” Thankyou” for your great work.
    My grandparents were Irish and reading in your books the areas in Ireland that i heared them talk about brings me closer to them… Again thankyou…
    Take care to you and your mum.

    • And thank you so much Maria, for taking the time to get in touch. I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying the books, I do always try to give them a strong Irish feel: I consider myself very blessed to have been born in this beautiful country, and love the idea that I’m sending a flavour of it to readers who live elsewhere….Roisin xx

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