As the title suggests, this post comes to you with an Italian accent. I’ve been here for three days so far, which means I’ve got another twenty-five to go, which makes me very happy. I decided in January, more or less on the spur of the moment (story of my life) to relocate for the month of March – always an interesting endeavour when you’re a writer. After some internet trawling, I fixed on the biggish town of Monopoli in Southern Italy (the heel of the boot). I dipped into my savings and booked an apartment and some flights to match and here I am, three days in. And so far I’m absolutely LOVING it.

Where do I start? Maybe with a view from my very roomy rooftop terrace:




Imagine being able to look at that any time you like. Imagine eating breakfast up there. (Yes I did, this morning.) And when I want a change of scene I grab my camera and wander around the quaint little streets of the old part of Monopoli (where I’m lucky enough to be staying). This is what I’m talking about – happened on it on my way home from dinner last evening:




The people here are simply wonderful. I went to the Post Office today to send a package to my mother, and everyone fell over themselves trying to help the clueless foreigner. And yesterday, when one of my t-shirts fell from the balcony where it was drying and landed halfway to the ground, caught on a pole, these very helpful builders, who happened to be working on the house next door,  got it down in a jiffy for me, thanks to a ladder and a stick – my heroes! (And, em, easy on the eye, which always helps…..)




To say my command of the Italian language is tenuous would be doing it a kindness, but I’m determined to master it, so I’m giving it my best shot wherever I go – probably much to everyone’s amusement, even if they’re far too polite to show it. And I AM learning, honest!

The food, of course, is to die for. I’ve promised myself a different ice-cream after dinner every evening, and that’s a promise I’ll definitely be keeping. It’s so delicious it probably should be illegal. To even things out I’m doing a half hour run every morning and an hour of walking in the evenings – that’ll repair any damage, right? (Well, it probably would if I didn’t have breakfasts like these too often!)




Ah well, there’s always the gym and Pilates when I get home again! You can’t live in Italy and not eat, right? The food is so fresh and well-prepared – and so utterly divine.

On the writing front, I’m working on a brand new plot here. Not too much to say about it at this early stage – and it’s so early it could all totally change anyway – apart from the fact that at the moment it’s set in a bustling market town about ten miles from Ireland’s west coast, and my cast of characters includes a young widow, her mother-in-law and her estranged father. Not much to go on, I know, but watch this space….and as I write, the countdown continues for the publication of After the Wedding, my sequel to One Summer (28 days to go!!!!) Really looking forward to seeing it on the shelves, and hoping it does well. Publishers are very optimistic, so fingers are tightly crossed, as ever. 




Ah, doesn’t it look nice though? My newest baby!

Well, better sign off – even in such a beautiful location, there’s work to be done! Hope the sun is shining wherever you are. 

Roisin xxx



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Writer for adults (general fiction) and children. Storyteller. Creative writing workshopper. Child-friendly.

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  1. Maria Gilchrist

    Just downloaded my first book of yours,Putting on the Stars….so looking forward to reading it,as reading samples of your books takes me on the journies.
    Having just read the above (your diary) and your web page which is so interesting…I am not on twitter,im leaving that to my grandchildren….
    Kind Regards, Maria.

    • Maria

      Thank you so much for getting in touch. I do hope you like Putting Out the Stars, my second book and the only one I set in a real location – my city of residence, Limerick. Twitter is a bit silly (shhhh) – you’re dead right to leave it to the grandchildren! Roisin xx

  2. I am mad jealous but loving every moment through your eyes. One day I will go there too xx

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