Posh frocks in Dublin

Marita's AERG__April 25th Poster-page-001Lordy, nearly halfway through April – this year is whooshing by. STOP IT, immediately.

I’ve been hunched over the laptop for the past several weeks, crafting the sequel to One Summer. I have officially forgotten what all my friends look like: I’m not even sure if they’re still my friends. The sacrifices I make for my readers. But it’s coming along, and hopefully I’ll make my deadline, even if it’s a few months late.

In the meantime (drum roll) I’m having the most unusual book launch in Ireland, possibly in the world, for Something in Common. If you’re in Dublin, please come along. It’s taking place on April 25th at 7.30pm, in the Royal Irish Academy of Music on Westland Row, which is much too posh for me, and as well as myself it’ll feature a three piece band called The Bookshop Band (www.thebookshopband.co.uk) and a group of students from Trinity College. All I can tell you is there will be music, and reading, and more music. And a song, or songs, INSPIRED BY SOMETHING IN COMMON. Intrigued? Come along. There will also be wine, but I’m not sure how long it’ll last, so don’t be late. If you’re coming you need to email efleeton@tcd.ie to reserve a place. It’s very special, see. We’re not letting just anyone in. That purple thing over there is a poster advertising it, but I’ve just spent 10 minutes trying to strike a happy balance between making it big enough to read and not too big to overpower, and this is as good as it gets.

So there you have it – busy, busy, looking forward to swanning in my posh frock on the 25th, and DYING to see how Something in Common goes down. Exciting times….

Happy April everyone,

Roisin xx

About roisinmeaney

Writer for adults (general fiction) and children. Storyteller. Creative writing workshopper. Child-friendly.

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  1. Good luck with the launch, Roisin. Enjoy the vino! 😉

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