Brand new look! (and brand new cover)

small sicIs my new website not lovely? Put together by the brilliant Annette Thomson of in three shakes of a lamb’s tail – well, maybe slightly more than that, but VERY fast. I’m so clueless when it comes to anything technological – I’m using precisely 2% of my mobile phone’s whatsits and thingummyjigs – that anyone who can make things like websites gets my big respect. Thanks Nettie, much appreciated.

In other news, that there’s the cover for Something in Common on the left – what do you think? I have to say I LOVE IT! It’s actually the first time I’ve loved a cover from the minute I saw it, all the others had to grow on me.So I’m well pleased with this – hope you agree that it’s luverley.

And more news – I’ve made a start on the sequel to One Summer, and so far so good (she said crossing fingers tightly). It was so great to meet all my old pals on Roone – apart from one, who sadly is no longer with us since the last book (no, not him – someone else). And the excitement is growing as publication date approaches for Something in Common; well, not exactly approaches, it’s still two  and a half months away, but I’ve pretty much finished with it, apart from checking it over when it comes back from the copy-editor and again from the proofreader. Saying goodbye to a book is always bittersweet for me, getting as ridiculously attached to my characters as I always do – what am I like!

Well, One Summer part two, or whatever it ends up being called, ain’t gonna write itself, so I’d better toddle off and get on with it. Be good!

Roisin xx

About roisinmeaney

Writer for adults (general fiction) and children. Storyteller. Creative writing workshopper. Child-friendly.

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  1. A website is only as good as its content and yours is pure dead brilliant! xxx

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