Olympic Gold For Ireland

katie taylor.thumbnailOops, just realised it’s been a while since I wrote; am I allowed to blame pressure of enjoying myself – I mean work??? I HAVE been busy, honest! In between a trip to Italy and a few weekends in County Clare, I’ve been working on my next book – working title Helen and Sarah – and I’d say I’m on the final third now. Briefly, it concerns two women who meet in dramatic circumstances, and whose lives collide again a few years later…Better not say any more, or none of you will buy it when it comes out next May!

But in MUCH more exciting news (not that it’s news, everyone knows!) we won our first Olympic 2012 gold medal yesterday when 26 year old boxer Katie Taylor defeated her Russian opponent! The country literally went wild when it happened, and we’re still smiling, a day later! Hopefully we’ll get a few more silvers and golds today when three more (male) boxers take to the ring – fingers crossed! And the sun is shining in Ireland at the moment, which is another reason to smile!
Right, back to sunbathing – I mean work, I said work!
Roisin xx

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